What could we have known?

Firstly I want to say I fully realize that none of this matters in any way whatsoever at this point but I just wanted to bring up the topic. So I started thinking about Stage 2’s release and it reminded me of how on stage 2’s official release we just suddenly learned that the fabled “summer update” would only be coming to pc and that we console players would be left waiting.
What I was wondering are questions aimed specifically at the trs devs who worked on developing stage 2. How come before Stage 2 was released there was no official statement explaining that the fabled summer update would be a pc only thing? How come there were no further updates to legacy while stage 2 was being developed to further it towards what stage 2 was since consoles would never get it?

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Probably funding or realistically lack there of and permission.


I think they actually explained some of the reasons a LONG time ago, it would be pretty hard to find today though.

But I think this was part of it.

Edit: They also said that Stage 2 was like a “test/beta”, they decided to do it on PC because they could take the community’s feedback and make updates and changes quicker.

TRS actually said that they were going to start developing Stage 2 for consoles, unfortunately, that’s when 2K put a halt on it. But again, this is was I remember, some stuff may be off or wrong.

It was never intended for consoles to never receive any more updates. If development had continued, consoles would have been included when everything was ready.

It wouldn’t have made any sense to have two parallel development tracks. Stage 2 was going to be the way forward for the game, for all platforms.

But I think talking about it is like picking off a scab.


At this point, it’s getting a scalpel and cutting into scar tissue.