What could replace the Shield Drone/JPB?


So it isn’t set in stone, but what do you guys hope/think either abilities could be POSSIBLY replaced with?

Keep in mind, it doesn’t look like Sunny is going to be too defensive, but…

My thoughts:

Possibly an accuracy beam(credit to @TheMountainThatRoars ) . It would target the monster(or wildlife) and make them “magnetic”. So teammates wouldn’t need to aim, projectiles would just be magnetized to the target.

Maybe a healing amplifier(Sunny+Val OP again!)

Or, a monster debuff ability like ability cooldown jammer(sounds bad at first, but it would have great synergy with JPB because the JPB really sucks for melee and closer ranged monsters while cooldown jammer would hurt ranged monsters that rely on abilities, tuning would be needed of course).


Keep the jetpack booster and replace shield drone with a personal cloak like laz has if that’s what sunny is coming down to :confused:


I would like to see a debuff beam that reduces the monsters damage output.


Awh yeah. Because when you’re going out of your way to remove cloaks on support characters, why not add a personal cloak instead x’D Pretty sure there’s plenty of other more viable ideas that are a bit more useful than a cloak, and without the toxicity of a cloak.


Then why choose Sunny when Hank can complete negate all damage taken with his shields?

And to answer OP, why do we need to change Sunny? I think she’s balanced atm (apart from Shield Drone needing a CD once it’s destroyed maybe

One thing I did think of for a Cabot variant was the beam stops the monster’s abilities CD and can be used once to end an ability animation, it could work as a replacement for Sunny’s JPB but I doubt they will make DLC variants


Wait wait there’s gonna be a future Sunny variant?



I think, that if Sunny is to have her Shield Drone replaced, that it should be replaced with another drone of some kind. That way it keeps her style similar whilst changing things up to make her less of a pain when the Support CA change comes in.

As for what this potential new drone could bring to the table, I could only throw out a few random suggestions. But, I’m too lazy to do so right now.


For an offensive Sunny, my idea is this: You have her mini-nuke damage returned to day one damage and her shield drone replaced with an auto laser turret with the same shape and animation but instead of a shield it shoots lasers, albeit a weak one at the monster.

Her booster remains of course as it helps her attack the monster with her team.


I think TRS may increase her mini nuke damage to 140-155
My idea about what TRS gonna replace her shiled drone are…

  1. Some kind of soft CC, so she gonna be an only one support that can CC
  2. Searching or tracking ability, so this ability will combo with her JPB for chasing the monster
  3. It would be cool if she can create wall, bunker or scaffold but I think this ability is suit to defensive Sunny variation.
  4. Wall hack for Sunny in 20m radius


I still feel like she should have both but weaker, though the devs disagree and I wont get that.
Still you didnt have to split Torvald’s Shotgun and his mortars just because in combination they were too strong. An indivual nerf to both of them did the job just fine, even though with Mortars it was a HUGE nerf compared to release, but that simply means they were grossly overpowered, just like Sunnys drone and booster were/still are.

So here are some ideas:

Shield Drone:

  • Similar to Slims healing drone, you can send it flying to a Hunter, where it charges up a small amount of shield (like TSH) and dies after a little damage or having charged a like 200 shield or something.
  • Like a combiniation between Buckets turrets and the shield drone, it shoots a laser beam at the Monster for each attack a nearby Hunter suffers.


  • The beam applies to the Monster and does kind of the opposite: It reduces/ prevents the regeneration of Stamina while it is applied.
  • Similar to TSH, it overcharges the jetpack with up to 2 bars.
  • While applied, the jetpack of the Hunter recharges much quicker.


My idea for balancing Sunny would be to make her Drone not rechargeable.

  • It would shield certain amount
  • It would need to be replaced (taking Sunny off doing damage, and burning her JP)
  • Monster know they can force the attack eventually through the shield (now its shield and full damage everyone, shield out --> JetPack/JP Booster everyone until the Drone is recharged)

Now there is not downside for Sunny Drone (except the initial reload which is countered by using that 8 secs Booster. It would stop her spamming the drone, and make Sunny more strategic to play, instead of "spam the drone, rest of the time boost/damage.


Heres how id like to see Sunny work:

  1. Her jet pack booster no longer provides its own jet fuel. Itd still provide amplified thrust (more so than it does now), but it ONLY amplifies the targets own jetpack fuel. I would have the booster consume ammo similarly to Kalas damage amp- When its on and tethered, its draining her battery- Irregardless of the hunter using their jet pack or not.

  2. Her drone would remain- But it wouldnt be a Shield Drone. Itd be a Jet-Pack recharge drone. Theres 2 ways I’d like to see this work:

One would be to keep a similar mechanic to how it works now. Have it target a hunter that has just taken damage, when theyre being targeted by the drone theyd get a hefty jetpack recharge buff- But have it drain the battery the whole time its connected, until its either empty, or the hunter being targeted hasnt taken any new damage for X-amount of seconds.

Two, would be a more “indirect” method vs the direct method, which would have the drone get deployed, charge up, and just provide a passive jet pack recharge field to everyone within range. Id argue to have the benefit of the recharge be reduced vs the single target here.

I feel this would help focus Sunny into a unique supportive role that DOESNT rely on shields- And would work heavily around the mechanics/concept of her jetpack booster. I feel “mobility” should be Sunnys claim to fame. But as weve seen, ramping up mobility anywhere and everywhere can have some rather interesting repercussions on how the “chase” of the game works. Which is where tying much of her ability to augment mobility around her shield drone comes from. This helps keep her mobility boosting to working WITHIN the dome- and less so anywhere/everywhere. No more out of dome 8-10 boost sprints with capacity where half of those dodges have extra range on top of them. Now hunters would at best OUT of a dome, get 4 boosted dodges, using their own fuel.


Wow. This is beautiful
:sleepy: truly

@GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521 @LordDeath

Please TRS, consider this for OG or Adaptation Sunny. It sounds like a blast to play.


Wait Kala has a damage amp? So Cabot must have teleport pads.


Shield dron wouldnt need replacing if they just put a cooldown timer like rockwalls cooldown.

The ability jammer sounds horrible and really infuriating to the monster. Just try imagining this as a passive ability for all of krakens attacks.


So I am thinking of swapping the JP Amp with a Super Soldier Amp.



OP pls nerf.

So is it the actual super soldier with:
135 Health damage
30% MS boost
300% Jump Height boost
40% Reload boost
40% Weapon switch Boost
80% fire rate boost
13.5 second duration
30 seconds cooldown


Seriously though, if you put that on slim who gets shielded by the drone, he is litteraly unkillable.


Sound interesting but what gonna happen when Sunny ss amp to Parnell while he also using his ss too?

IMHO, ss amp isnt a good idea cuz only some few assault can take full benefit from this ability, unlike JPB that everyone can use it
Markov and Hyde - noting to buff with SS amp
Torvald - seem interesting, his shotgun gonna be a real doom for monster
Lennox - hell on earth for Bob… her plasma lance gonna reach 4 stack more easier
Parnell - 24/7 super soilder


No, would probably be a weaker version that would not stack with Parnell super soldier. No health damage though. Wait, actually we could have it drain health, that might get a bit trolly though


How about a static charge beam. You would have to fully unload the beam on a team mate to get “fully charged” with static electricity that would then burst out a damaging pulse around that teammate.

Would be useful for an assault player up close to the monster or a team mate being hit with melees. Also could wipe a group of wildlife if close enough.

Edit: I guess she could just use her mini nuke though instead