What could i do, to play evolve solo till release?


I mean really, what i could do for you TRS ? money? my body? all?


Your eternal soul should suffice.


Considering that they have daily games at the office, I’m guessing an internship might be the way to go.


But we don’t know how much his soul is worth. Also, he could be a ginger :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I think they already own my soul, and even still I don’t get to play. What a ripoff :stuck_out_tongue:


You should fire your legal team.


With a thread like this, it would seem the community is bored at the moment.


No news is bad news :stuck_out_tongue:


You know, I might be bored (has to do with waiting for the GF coming over later tonight after many non PG texts over the past week lol) but I’m incredibly excited thinking how close launch is. It’s only 1.5 months away. In 2 weeks we’ll be playing the beta and technical test, then it’s less than a month after that till release.


Ohhh Yeahh… Release will be epic! Im going to stack up on soda, food and all kinds off strange stuff that i didn’t even knew existed. And if the gf is coming over, she bettet bring a friend cus it’s going to be a long week. If my family want me to come out if my flat, they better wait till im done hunting to 3 star hunters with elite skin. Im just saying man that if friends come over to drink some beer, i will have the chainsaw ready to scare them away.


Just invite the GF and her friends to play. :smiley:


Maby when im done getting my fix. Or she can be in beed with me playing on the laptop using Steam home streaming, i get to watch some sweet evolve when im supper tired. And she get’s to play the game. Prob solved. Her friends can sleep on tje balcony. Suits them well for being in my sight.


Brotha, if there was a way to play Evolve already, these forums would be deserted.


I know I wouldn’t be here if the game was out (though this is a lovely place to be)


yeah i am entirely bored myself, i currently play zero games because my only interest is evolve right now. i wish they could let us who pre-ordered play solo mode til release as well. at least then i’d be entertained and sated. but alas, the suffering shall continue.


i heard heroin is nice


Hey now! We still have souls to offer! I got a whole bag of ones that uh… other people didn’t… ‘need’ anymore!



I can’t wait for Evolve, but what makes me sad is that I might not be able to participate in the PC technical test :frowning: ( got other things happening ). Looks like I will have to play more LOL and Warframe.


Don’t diss gingers they are extremely hot!!


Please never stop posting