What contents can we expect in the future?


I know maps are going to be free, while hunters and monsters are going to be in purchasable DLCs. What else can we expect? New game modes? New skins? New mechanics in existing game modes? What is going to be FREE (because everybody loves free stuffs)?


I want more dropship dialog / hunting dialog / lore, to understand better who the hunters and monsters are :).


Not sure how creative they could get with more game modes, but it’d be interesting to see.

Cosmetics will probably always be coming in as long as there’s ideas floating around and new monsters/hunters are coming out.

@MacMan @MrStrategio Anything you can share regarding future content with this person?

@Sijuvabien Hopefully we’ll get more lore as new Hunters are added and their interactions with the original characters reveal more details. :grin:


I believe they said that any Gamemodes they add in the future will be free

I imagine a number of the skins will be paid for, but we might get some for in game achievements


I have to think that since they specifically said new maps and game modes would be free to all, they must have at least one if nor more ideas about what they could do.

Just off the top of my head (and not saying if this is a good or a bad idea) but what about a time survival trial for the hunters? Hunters have a time limit they must survive until a dropship or some such escape mechanism takes them away, and the monster has unlimited lives but can’t evolve beyond stage I or stage II. You could increase the wildlife both to make it easier for the monster to keep pressure on the hunters and to pose a threat to the hunters in general. (Again, not saying this is a good game mode idea, just saying it took me less than two minutes to come up with it. And If I can do that, you know TRS has to have much more creative people working for them.)


Maps and game modes will definitely be free. Anything that would lock you off from playing a match if it cost money, will be free.

A survival mode would be very cool. I loved it in L4D (not to sound like I’m comparing). Stage 2 sounds good because that’s when he’s most even with the Hunters and gets enough power to easily incapacitate. Stage 1 would be too difficult for some players. I hope TRS can come up with a mode like this that works well with Evolve’s structure.

I see your point, though. As always, can’t wait to see what they come up with.


I agree that it would be really difficult to win as Stage I, but keep in mind that the monster comes back even if you kill it in this scenario, so you can actually do kamikaze attacks if it gets strikes on the hunters. Not sure if that would make the monster OP or not. Again, just something off the top of my head. Just like, how long to give the monster before coming back. I’d say only 30 seconds if not less, so that there is constant pressure, but I am in no way a game designer so I couldn’t say what is fair.

Maps are probably the easiest thing to add into the game, so I expect we will see more of those in the not-too-distant future. Game modes? Those will be harder to do because of all of the coding and such that will go into them, so I wouldn’t expect more than one, maybe two, in the first year, and that’s probably an overly optimistic impression.


The Devs have said that all Maps and Game Modes will be free. Any maps added to the system will be added to Evac and include additional Map bonuses. Some skins will be free. They have not gone into details regarding how, but most likely unlocked through achievements/progression, possibly some type of shift codes (Similar to Borderlands) and they also mentioned getting skins through the community. So possibly free, log on a certain day, anniversary etc…


To be fair,everything released as dlc is going to be free-ish. Monsters for example,while you can’t play as the new ones without purchasing them you can still fight them! I think the dlc hunters function the same way as well.


I cannot.

If anyone is gonna slip more lore it’ll be our writer @Matthew
If you haven’t already, check out the bits he’s already dropped.


I want more wildlife, so far all the wildlife on each map are the same I want more variety to them


I’d like to see a map which is inside the Civilian dropship. No wildlife, just people running as the hunters try to stop a rampaging Monster. It sets up a horrifying situation and we’ll get to see just what’s inside those massive ships.


That is interesting, but how did the monster get there? Lazarus.


We do know that people would want to study them and/or they have people capturing them. Wraith Trap and Junkyard maps both have a captured Wraith/Goliath respectively.


We suspect that Wraith has been opening portals between worlds for them to move. Why would it be hard for a Wraith to open a portal into one of the ships?

Personally I would think that would be a hard map to justify. After all, why would the ships have corridors big enough for a monster to fit in?


I very much agree with that as a map idea, the people would be food :yum: I suppose there could also be marsh strider cattle too (as on that one map).


A zone type control game mode would be cool.