What community challenges do you want to see?


Monster skins like annilotor or Desecrater effect skins with different color armor would be sweet what does the community think?


I’d like Medic challenges. ;w; And Monster skins changing glow would be awesome.



…The perfect community challenge.



Yes this!! Time to take down the real enemy!


And, it’s hunters vs. Monsters! Whoever kills moar!


Something that we can actually pass the stretch goal…


Uh, those aren’t challenges. Those are rewards.

At any rate, I’d like some individual challenges that I could do myself to earn skins. Outside of that, I like all the ones they’ve thrown at us so far and have faith that they’ll keep up the good work.

Side note, that last stretch goal was totally doable.


…Killing mammoth birds is its own reward?

My god, why didn’t I think of that.


I have been trying to get a confirmation on this since the beginning of TIME O.o

Seriously though, iirc, @MacMan mentioned that he needed to see if tracking something like Mammoth Birds killed was even possible at the moment.

Speaking of… Any news on that? I would certainly love having a group of Hunters and a Monster put aside their differences and hunt the REAL threat to life as we know it!

I would literally be one of the single-highest contributors to that event! I’m not joking, either! I already go out of my way to wipe the little jolty bastards off the map… :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked the Wraith vs Hyde event - SOMEONE was going to win no matter what. I think this is the preferred mode because there is SO much rage when even the ‘stretch’ goals are not filled, because some people - especially active community members - try so hard for it, and it’s heartbreaking to see it missed. However the fact Wraith v Hyde was monster vs hunter meant everyone would go Wraith for the better skin - you can simply SEE monster skins more, so they’re worth more.

What about a “Bug Swatting” event - any game where Slim is present qualifies. Whatever monster incaps Slim the most times during the event, gets the skin! And if enough total Slims are swatted among ALL monster, Slim also gets a skin for being a good sport about it :smiley:


I want to see a challenge were we get the kraken voodoo skin


I want a challenge where we have to allow Daisy to revive a certain amount of hunters.
If she does, then we get a deity skin for Maggie, which shows off Daisy’s God form.
If she revives enough hunters, then all trapper are given the skin. Gobi would get a priest hat.


That would be the Golden Daisy skin. :smile:


@MacMan Not even kidding. Lets. Monster and Hunter unite against a common foe!


Server stability vs. everyone


Sounds like a plan to me.

Hunter challenge I want next, would be Laz.


I want a Medic challenge this weekend, preferably one that offers Slim’s Predator skin as a reward. And I also want to go back to not having a secondary goal, just one goal that unlocks a skin for the whole Tier, although I do like the Hunter or Monster win type of challenge like the Hyde vs Wraith challenge.


How about a community challenge were we get the old elite skins for the monsters and hunters


Savage Behemoth challenge. You have to fizzure multiple hunters a milliin times.