What characters are getting buff?


Can somebody tell which characters are getting buff? I heard some devs already told something.


Noone knows quite yet only thing we do know was from this posted earlier today.


Damn my busy life won’t let me watch that livestream, so no MacMan, it’s no fun for me.


Oh ok, thanks for sharing that, I do hope they talk about the characters though


Those that are going to the gym will get buff.

Which ones are getting a buff? No idea


Booooo. We’ll also post the changes here too so you can read em.


I’m sure that will be discussed since balance has been a big topic around here.


That’ll do pig, that’ll do.


That’s very nice of you guys! there you go DeathStroke


I know very kind of MacMan and I will be sure to read them.


Macman, if I ever see you in real world your getting a bro hug, deal?


Nice! I approve.