What causes the monsters to freeze?

This isn’t a bug report because I know that the devs are already aware of this issue but I would still like to ask.

#What causes the monsters to freeze and become unresponsive to player inputs?

I have this issue mostly with Bob. During his re-launch he mainly freezes after using Fissure. Right now I am having random freezes every time I use Bob. Truth be told I don’t use Bob because I would end up freezing and losing the game. Right now Bob freezes even w/o using an ability. On my last game as Bob, he froze in the middle of a roll. The roll just cancelled and bam! Bob freezes.

This however, isn’t unique on Bob. I have played games as Goliath where he simply freezes out of nowhere.

Is there anyone who can at least pinpoint the cause of this?

A mixture of cold weather and stage fright.


I don’t know about bob but I know golf can freeze if you use his abilities to fast straight after the other for a small while
might be the same for bob

but now it seems like doing anything with high ping can freeze you like a popsicle

I’m not quite certain how high is “High Latency”. I usually play near 150 ping and then suddenly I press an ability nothing pops up and the next second frozen Bob.

By the looks of that post, it doesn’t matter which ability Bob use if no projectile comes out after the animation you’re screwed. He states that LB is the cause for him, the cause for me are both Fissure and RW. I haven’t experienced the TG Bob freeze though.

80ms was the lowest I’ve seen until now

edit: the lowest that made possible the freeze bug
so, anything above it can trigger the bug🐛