What can you do if Behemoth hits the Relay and doing the Wall that you cant shoot him from any side?


I make it short.
We have an Behemoth issue. Everytime if we fight against a Bob on console he tries to go Stage 3 and then he goes to the Relay and hits it, if we want to shoot him he is going for his wall and everytime he is setting the wall so that no one cant shoot from any side. We get everytime health damage before stage 3 on him but if he does his Relay/Wall shit we are often screwed depends the map.

So then we are forced to go inside the Relay but some places are sooo small that we have no chance to survive in that small area against a Behemoth.

So what you guys are doing if the Behemoth just hit the Relay and use the Wall?


Take Hyde and toxic the relay, try to get him to move away from it and dome it out. Take note of his/her name and remember that they go Behemoth to take a Cabot or something.


I think breaking wall shouldn’t work within 10 meters of the relay

Only TRS can fix that


If a behemoth makes it to stage 3 with enough health to “cheese” the relay in such a fashion with rock wall, and win- The sad truth/reality is that the hunters have messed up somewhere along the chase- And the only hope you have in this situation is to have brought along hunters that are capable of “countering” such a thing- Cabot is ideal, but Lennox is capable of such a thing as well. Hyde is probably more “useful” overall, and can help counter this to some degree- He wont be able to stop the relay from being hit, but hell ensure some damage is being done if he times his nades properly.


Hoooollly shit, Toxic Grenades knock him off the Relay??? I thought it was only direct damage weapons, like a pounce.
Hoooooollllly crap. Wish I’d known this from the day Behemoth came out. Lol


I don’t think it does

Through a toxic to deal damage to force him to get away from it


Pretty sure they dont- If im not mistaken dot abilities dont stop monsters from attacking the relay. But they will ensure hes taking damage the entire time he does. Toxic nades last as long as rock wall- and if behemoth is there the whole time he should lose about half a bar of health each time. Problem is the nades cooldown at a longer rate than rock well. But ah well.


If he doesn’t knock him off, seems like he’d just keep hammering away at it. Bob’s got such a large health pool.


Exactly this it what we are doing but he doesnt care…

Yes we know them but we are so bad with cabot maybe we should try him again…


This, Cabot is a real hard counter to this. I have beaten many of the best behemoths because of him. The constant negation of the rock wall is stronger than you may think.

@TatzyXY, I can actually play Cabot pretty well. I love playing as him so the next time we run together I can take over that spot.


Yes but we are bad with Cabot no defence and against a Kraken he is shit. You dont know the Monster before you pick your Characters.


Eh, I don’t think its so bad.


I know what you mean. You mean that you need to deal enough damage before he turns stage 3 so he cannot afford to cheesy relais-walls. But even if Bob has 2 or 3 bars of health left and full amour, he still can do this successfully on many maps (Refueling Tower, The Dam, Broken Hill Foundry, Fusion Plant, Orbital Drill). For the other maps, you need to split up really badly to prevent him from relais - so you are forced to break up teamplay and get wrecked. Both strategies “relais-walls --> beating the relais” and “relais wall --> waiting hunters to split up” cannot be the original idea of how Evolve. It cannot be the idea to have to beat Bob until stage 3 - or you loose. The one and only Counterplay I see is Cabot! And again, this cannot be the idea or sense of Evolve - to have just ONE Support how is able to prevent Behemoth to beat down the relais…


True words. Cabot is the one and only counterplay to Stage-3-Rockwall-Behemoth. But then you have a guranteed loss if you face Kraken. This is just not how it meant to be.



They do. It’s been this way for a while, at least. It’s one method of safely preventing relay attacks. It may not be all DoTs, but toxic nade does work. Been on both sides of it. Not sure if latest TU fixed this.


That’s very awesome.


No other counters? Ok we are fuc*ed.


With only 2-3 bars of HP left, with or without cabot, it should be amazingly difficult to cheese-wall the relay to victory against a half decent and coordinated team. This can be difficult with half your hp against a good team.


However saying the monster has to fight on your terms 100% of the time is already not fun for them.


It also stops monsters eating bodies, so works well when you have a laz