What can we do about Climb Speed?


I like experimenting with perks. Armor regen is now pretty interesting. But climb speed still baffles me. Why is something as important as feeding speed perked for 75% but climb speed is only 50? Are we supposed to be discouraged from climbing our way to victory?

Climb speed should at the very minimum be a 100 -150% increase. That might make it an offensive traversal perk alternative. You could climb over objects and cause hunters to lose a lot of fuel catching up, and also set yourself up for constant leap smashes etc from above.

@MacMan I appreciate the revamped perks A LOT. But for completeness’ sake, can we consider considerably buffing climb speed? Your telemetry showed it was by far the least used as well.


With upward jetpack boosting, the Hunter’s ability to climb walls is considerably more fuel and speed efficient than intended. This perk needs a huge buff to be viable.

If the Monsters ever figure out they could just climb the ground horizontally though…


Could you explain? Upward boosting is a bug??

I agree about the massive boost needed. In fact if it was massively boosted, I can imaging a Goliath King Kong build of 3 rock, 3 leap smash where you throw the rock then smash down, then quickly reposition yourself on a perch or cliff safely.


No it’s not a bug, but it often costs way less fuel to boost up a cliff than to climb it, on top of being way faster. Consequently, the climb speed perk does very little to gain distance versus Hunters. The only downside to boosting up a cliff is needing to have 25% fuel beforehand.


Ah yes. The rare horizontal climbing, similar to but less fun than horizontal line dancing.