What can I do to bring back Evolve's playerbase?


I love the shit outta Evolve, but god damn is it dead on PC. You all know the metrics. Well I for one am sick of sitting around hoping to god TRS are gonna do the right thing; I want to take action. What can I do, personally, and what can we do as a community, to bring this game back from the brink?


Welcome to the forums @CrazyOatmeal! Hopefully the TU09 patch coming this Summer will bring some folks back. I too love the crud outta Evolve.


Hi! First of all welcome to the TRS community.

We are all here very passionate about Evolve and before answering your question, here are some of our guidelines:

Otherwise, I myself play it alot on PC. Click on my profile and add me on Steam (PM me when you’re on and I dont mind playing with you.)

There are others here on the forums who welcome anyone new and would love to show you the ropes or help you with any questions. We have regular Evolve tournaments (either friendly or a bit more competitive with an exclusive skin on the line) meant to tighten the bonds of the community and/or meet new people.

Here’s an example of our past DICE tournament: D.I.C.E. Challenge (NEXT: May 28th, 29th) (you can watch how these things play out by looking at the past broadcast of https://www.twitch.tv/aseeds/v/65099764)

Meanwhile, what I do alot is add anyone I encounter while going through Quickplay. You’ll quickly notice those that tend to play the game quite often and before you know it it get’s easier to simply join a game or invite someone.


I would wait until TU9 before recommending it to anyone. As it is now, it’s extremely frustrating and un-intuitive for new players. If you convince someone to try the current version and they get frustrated with it, they might not be willing to give it another chance when the basic relaunch of the game comes through.

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Get an xbox. The xbox community has bin poppin here recently. Ive had pretty good times of finding people to play with. An ive noticed a ton of newer players lately an most are willing and able to communicate and learn.

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The new player influx has been great.
On top of that, evolve managed to get into the top selling list for almost a week.

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In all honesty, I don’t really think you can do anything to help “save the player base” at this point.

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That solves absolutely nothing, and I’m not wasting my money on inferior, superfluous hardware.


Hey, don’t start any of that console war crap here. Keep that to yourself.


I love this sentence.

I just keep my friends who were initially interested aware of deals and stuff like that. If it goes on sale, I tell them pretty much immediately. I’ve gotten one to buy it, just actually bought it for another, and the rest… Not quite there yet.


Then enjoy your dying pc community. Theres nothing you can do about that. An ill be here on my “inferior, superflous, hardware” enjoying the game i love with new players and old ones having a grand ole time while you sit in que waiting for a match bitching.


No platform wars/flaming, peeps. Leave your opinions of platforms others use/prefer at the login screen.


My bad mate. Apologies.

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I read the title, and my first thought was “Don’t ask what TRS can do for you! Ask what you can do for TRS!” :joy:

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Wait till TU1.0 (formerly TU09) is out and there’s no big obvious bugs with it and then spread the word on various forums sounds a good start. Do so in an intelligent manner and don’t rise to people who will of course spout nonsense due to their ignorance. You can sometimes convince the stubborn ones to at least give the update a go but not by having a shouting match with them.
<also promise them pics of cats because who doesn’t love cats amirite?! rite? rite>


PS4 community is doing well too.


For xbox one i can say: better matchmaking would bring people back

It was better in the release build. Originally, there was a “quickplay” function for every game mode.

Now somebody had the strange idea to split everything up, into ranked matchmaking and “quickplay”, plus “quickplay” has now turned into a pot pourri of hunt, arena and defend (which i find annoying, because do I want to play hunt? yes, all the time. And arena? meh… And defend? Hell no) But for some reason this choice is now being made for me in the strange smoke and mirrors thing that “quickplay” is now.

So, don’t sweat it, go to the ranked matchmaking…

But oh was i wrong.

The ranked matchmaking for hunt for example, can easily take 30 minutes to find three hunter players and then a sort of tombola draws up where one is supposed to pick roles in 60 seconds.

And the problem is almost always somebody quits at this point because they don’t get the role they want, or cant make their minds up or are off making coffee or taking a shower at the across the street car wash, because they too have been waiting their asses off.

And the matchmaking fails and you drop back to waiting another 10 minutes to replace the quitter.

And fingers crossed, if it works, it has to search AGAIN for a monster… wow it’s a nightmare.

So long story short

Do i want to play HUNT, which is the core experience of Evolve? Yes, all the time, match after match, i love it

CAN i play HUNT, i mean do i get a guarantee to play it without having to either wait 45 minutes in ranked matchmaking or grind through maybe defend and arena before i get to play HUNT in “quickplay” ?

No, i fucking can’t.

And that is so fucked up and sad, considered that you could when the game released.

It would be better if there at least was a “quickplay” matchmaking that lets you chose HUNT only


Why cant you just suck it up an play the defend and arena matches? If you dont try, they take like no time at all. Use em to grind masteries for charaters you dont regularly use. If hunt is all you care about then dont let it bother you to play those varients u dont like just fool around an make em fun for you. It is a GAME after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


FREE 2 PLAY is the only way


but this game will never be competitive again because most good players have turned to other games and will only come back for maybe half an hour of fun so the playerbase will never be what is was.

the only thing you see now are noob stompers with 1000+ hours in game going monster 24/7 and its not fun when you play with a team that is absolutely shitter then shit can be, like hey lets chase a monster 10 minutes to get destroyed in 60 seconds

and here is a golden tip turn your profile page to Private because as soon as they see you have 700+ hours in game most players leave automatically and when its private they mostly go shit comps or leave after one game

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