What can a kraken do about Slim and his stink bomb?


Hey guys i am in need of some advice here.

After my connection have gone down the shitters downloading the new patch, i decide to some practice games against T4 advance bots as a kraken. One thing that strikes me was how hard it is to land my skillshot when slim put the blind on me. Without the ol outline to help me and how dark the map is, most of my thunder misses due to how hard it is to see them when i am flying. In the end I won but against a proper team who already master dodging them lightings, i will be fucked if a Slim with em put that stink bomb on me.

Any tips will be super helpful.


I believe the stink bomb is locational. Just move out of the cloud and your smell will work again.
I’m the worst Kraken in history though, so I’m not sure how viable this advice is.


Don´t use Lightningstrike. Vortex and Mines are enough to kill them all. Or go high into the air and then bombard them without beeing in the bomb.


The Spore Clouds are location based so move out of them then your fine unless I’m slim then you won’t ever get out if your in a dome in which case just run is the best advice I can give


Aftershock and Banshee mines. One lights them up like a Christmass tree, the other acts as a fun little radar for the hunters to deal with that deals damage if they don’t dodge and/or kill it, either of which reveals their position anyway.


Banshee mines and kill slim first. Wit the kraken flying slim has trouble hitting his vampire gun. T4 is a joke for kraken and now that you can move fast while charging aftershock or lightning strike it’s even easier


After shock actively lights up hunters and then you just watch for motion. I haven’t had much trouble but then I used to play a lot of dystopia and got very good at spotting cloaks through near pure motion. It’s a skill you’ll pick up over time facing a char like slim. Once you get used to it slim loses a lot of his edge because a quarter of his kit is gone.


Use mines to locate hunters, and Aftershock to kill them. If you hover above the ground you can move full speed while charging, it also lights their locations up.


I have a problem with that spore launcher I think it’s a little ridiculous. It can be spammed over and over again and has a huge range. It’s almost as good as a full team cloak.

When you play Defend they just spam it all over the place with absolutely no skill involved at all.

Slim and Sunny are both a pain in my ass. There’s too much you have to worry about as a monster player due to spammy abilities.


If the monster or the hunters are in the cloud, the hunters will be masked, so stink cloud can be use offensively(hitting the monster with it) or defensively (shooting it around the hunters)


it only works if the monster is in it.


It can only be used offensively. It does not hide anything if the monster is not in the cloud.


Try guys, I try to keep a distance!