What came first? The Monster or the Map?


(Changed this since it wasn’t worded very well)

This is a question for anyone at Turtle Rock.

When you made the maps, did you already know which monsters were going to be using them and then built them so they allowed easy movement for these specific monsters, or did you come up with the concepts and just think “this needs to be able to support a wide variety of movements”?


It’s kind of a chicken or the egg question for us. We iterated so much on both the monsters and maps it’s hard to say what really came first :smile:

We developed them at the same time. One really can’t be fun without the other!


You should have seen my reaction when I zoomed in on your profile pic.


They call me the dark lorde


Well, your question forces me to ask this :

Will be only one/some playable monsters for some specific maps ?

(which won’t be such a bad thing, I think, if you have very veeery different monsters…)


All monsters and hunters are playable on any map


This use to be my biggest concern mainly because I know it would lead to “I want to play Goliath but am sick of jungle ruins” or vice versa.

Very glad they are making it so any monster on any map. That’ll add WAAAAY more replayability.


Sure, I just really can’t help thinking how they will create totally different monster’s gameplay…!