What buffs do you guys use?


Just wondering what buffs people think are best for each character? I haven’t really experented much with different buffs to these and would like your input :smile:

Val: Reload speed
Laz: jetpack recharge
Caira: Reload speed

Trappers: Movement speed

Hank: Reload speed
Bucket: Damage
Cabot: Reload speed

Assaults: Damage

Monsters: Feeding speed, Movement or damage I can’t decide


It depends what mode i’m in and who i’m playing with, if there’s a laz i tend to go health regen and for everyone else it’s either MS, RS or capacity


For Laz i’d swap JPR for either fast reload/charge rate or Movement speed

For Hank i’d swap reload for capacity as you need the shield protecter for as long as you can

All the others are good choices you’ve made


Yeah when there’s a Laz you need HR! unless your Assault because they have shield


movement speed with trappers.

Jump bonus a lot of times for Laz and supports to dodge easier.

damage resistance for assaults.

Capacity for Slima and Caira - is that the best for them to max heals?


Markov: Weapon Switch
Parnell: Weapon switch
Lennox: Jump height
Maggie: movement speed
Griffin: Weapon Switch
Crow: Weapon Switch
Abe: Jump Height
Val: Weapon Switch
Laz: Speed reload
Suny: Ammo increase
Hank: Ammo increase
Bucket: Speed reload
Cabot: Speed reload


Capacity isn’t worth it for Caira anymore, it only gives her 1 extra grenade. Reload is better for her now ^^

Assault: movement speed on everyone except for Torvald, capacity is best for him.

Trapper: reload or movement speed

Support: Reload on everyone, altough capacity is also good for Hank, maybe damage increase on Bucket?

Medic: reload is by far the best on any medic right now.

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Cheers guys. Helpful stuff. What about monsters?

I use to use feeding speed to help stage up quicker and to give more of a chance to eat bodies to stop Laz.

Do you guys find any of the other buffs more useful like damage, movement speed, cool down rate, traversal frequency or movement speed? They all seem pretty useful too.


Assuming we are talking about hunt here.

Assault: Hyde, Quick switch
Markov, Capacity
Torvald, Capacity
Parnell, Health Regeneration
Lennox, Jump Boost or Reload Speed

Trapper: Maggie, Reload Speed
Griffin, Quick Switch
Abe, Quick Switch
Crow, Movement Speed
Jack, Capacity
Support: Everyone, Health Regeneration

Medic: Val, Reload Speed
Lazarus, Reload Speed or Jump Boost
Caira, Reload Speed
Slim, Quick Switch

Goliath, Traversal Cool down
Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth,


So is capacity still worth it even though they nerfed it?


It’s only under half, I hardly notice the difference.


Well it gives Caira 1 grenade instead of 2 now so it’s not worth it on her anymore. Still good on Hank though.


On battery gear it’s hardly a difference. On projectile weapons like Ar’s and bullet type weapons it’s also not bad. It’s big nerf is to weapons like grenade launchers and RL’s.


Parnell: movement speed
Slim:reload speed
Sunny: reload speed or quick switch
Jack: capacity


Markov: damage buff
Hyde: Reload speed for Granades and shields
Parnell: Movement speed for PSSFS
Torvald: Capacity
Lennox: Movement speed

Trappers: Movement speed
Medics: Reload speed

Hank: Reload speed
Bucket: dmg buff or Health regen
Cabot: Reload speed
Sunny: Capacity or Reload


Movement speed on the wraith. Hate playing it without MS. Allows better mitigation of damage, ability to get away from hunters to evolve, and ability to chase hunters to get downs.


Reload Speed on all Medics. Capacity on Hank, Reload on Bucket, Cabot and Sunny. Capacity on Jack, Reload on Crow, Abe, Maggie and Griffin. Capacity on Markov, Reload on Hyde, Capacity on Torvald, Capacity on Parnell, and Jump Height/Jetpack Recharge on Lennox.

Monsters, I run Movement Speed or CDR on all of them.


Reload speed on all medics to maximise healing, reload speed on all trappers because that dome recharge time is split, and with the new one second drop, it’s spammable. Markov, Hyde and Torvald run damage, Parnell either healing factor or capacity, Lennox movement speed, because with her extra traversal, she can keep up well. Supports, I don’t really play, but usually healing so if I need to cloak and run, I have some self sustainability.


Feeding speed on all monsters except wraith, which uses movement speed.


All Medics except Slim: Reload Speed

Slim: Jetpack Recharge

All Trappers except Griffin: Reload Speed

Griffin: Jetpack Recharge

All Assaults except Hyde and Lennox: Reload Speed

Hyde and Lennox: Jetpack Recharge

All Supports: Reload Speed

All Monsters: Damage Bonus