What backstory do you get just from looking at the hunters?


When looking at the hunters, I noticed that their appearances seem to tell a story in themselves. This is what I get from them.

Griffin to me makes me think of the sort of guy a rich game hunter would hire to show them how and where to catch lions and such. In my mind, Griffin’s been hired by the company in charge of the hunt to provide actual experience on how to hunt such large game. But personally, I don’t think he’s in it for the money, this is the ultimate hunt.

Judging by Val’s armour and very polished equipment, she’s not just someone who was headhunted. She probably works for the PMC that is in charge of security on Shear, and is there to make sure everything stays on track. Judging by her beret, I would guess some sort of equivalency to paramilitary, or at least prior military service with an official government. From what we see in the trailer, Val is a very calm, level headed person, used to unfavourable combat

Markov seems to be a mercenary to me, no questions asked. He’s been hired into this little foray because he’s got the guns and track record to back it up. That armour of his is very ad hoc, and clearly doesn’t conform to the ‘cut and dry’ of Val and Hanks industry standard looking equipment. He’s been scrounging this stuff and piecing it together himself, evidently breaking a few regulations along the way.

Hank’s a bit of a mixed bag to me. Clearly he’s got some official background, his armour and equipment being painted a safety yellow. But he’s not doing any of this out of any sort of loyalty to his employers. He just wants the money, and he wants to have fun whilst doing it. Much like Markov, this guy’s been trigger happy for a while, and now he’s got something that he can fire at will towards.

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Nice! These are fairly close! Especially on Griffin and Val.

Glad you were able to get this close based on the limited info we’ve put out so far. Means our visual design is working the way we intended! Phil Happy! :smiley:



Hells YES! Do I get anything for being right?



If you like Phil I could give my predicted back story for the Goliath too.



Hahah, well, you’re free to have a go, but like all the best monsters and horrors, his story and origin is shrouded in mystery. :smile:



I figure not. This guy, plus all the monsters, are intelligent enough but there’s no chance of them ever piloting a spacecraft to Shear, and as you’ve stated, they’re as alien as humanity is. What he’s exhibitting is a recursive life cycle. An infant form, and adolescent, then adult. He eats to gain enough energy and biomass to progress to the next stage, and upon reaching his final stage feasts for as long as he can. Then I’m betting he finds something incredibly explosive, like the generator for instance, to propel him into the stratosphere, encasing himself in a heavy cocoon as internally he regresses.

Until of course he lands on the next planet, then does it all over again. Those scars of his, that he has even right after he becomes level 3, so he’s been repeating this for a very long while.



You get candy :smiley:



Sweets because I’m british



Wait…Marko’s eyepiece…did you get that from Aki’s headset from Final Fantasy: The spirits within?



@SlabOMeat So, how’d i do?



With the monsters write up?

Hard to say…the monsters are a mystery!! :smiley:

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Oh you co founding bastard

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I think it’s better not to know where they’re from. Nobody questions where the xenomorph comes from, and because of that it makes it all that more interesting :tipping_hand_woman:



Ah immaturity from the Devs. Refreshing indeed

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EVERYONE questioned where the Xenomorphs came from. Hence prometheus and the Dark Horse comic series.



Questioning…speculating…that’s the fun part! We drop hints, everyone debates!

When the cat is out of the bag, there’s nothing left to talk about!



True enough. …But I swear if there’s a dlc about the beasties and it down’t come to the consoles you shall have HELL FROM ME!

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Ah maybe I’m wrong there then, but in all honesty I’d rather not know where they’re from. It’s like Leonardo Dicaprio really, everyone wants him to win an oscar, but as soon as he gets one all of the excitement over him possibly winning an oscar will fade.

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