What attracts you to your favorite role?


Thought it would be fun to see people’s opinions on their favorite style of play.

So what is your favorite class, and why do you enjoy it most?

Optionally, what is your least favorite class an why?

Nowadays I enjoy Assault most, using Parnell.

Though it can get annoying at times I love chasing down the monster in a dome to try to get in early health damage.

But the dangerous Stage 2 and 3 fights are where it really gets interesting - where I need to manage my shield and jetpack dodge to balance damage in the short term with staying alive.

There is a certain thrill in evading the Monster just long enough for the personal shield to come off cool down - sometimes barely eking out a close win.

While I communicate to help the team find the Monster, I kind of like not having the stress of being primarily responsible for it on my back: nothing feels worse than failing one’s team as Trapper!

As for least favorites, I am a terrible Medic.

I just don’t have the right mentality of watching and caring for my teammates to make it work - I always want to be doing something more proactive.

I’m also just more wary about having the primary responsibility for keeping the team alive than the straightforward job of primary damage dealer.


Hank because his beard is 10/10


Those sexy wraith hips. :love_letter:


But really the idea of being a monster is my ultimate gaming dream. When I first heard about the game I assumed it was pc only. When I found out it was coming to X1, I went out and bought one!


Oh god.



Trapper because no one in pubs was any good so i started playing them and fell in love with it.



Because he’s Bucket.


Okay serious answer though, I like Bucket because he’s an awesome British-accented badass robot with some really cool devices at his disposal.

That and, I’ve always been a sucker for any character in any video game that uses deployables, especially turrets. Examples include the Engineer in TF2, the Support in MNC, Axton and Roland from the Borderlands games.

I’ve always liked having those little extra helpers with you can go throw down and fight along side with, something that’s always there to give you a hand even if nobody else is there to help you.

Also, anybody who plays Diablo III would know and play Demon Hunter as their role would know what I mean when the sentries absolutely WRECK everything!

But yeah, he’s a cool damage dealer and a robot and has a lot of great dialogue too. Hey, not saying the other characters have great dialogue either. It’s Bucket though, when it comes to what he has to say, he’s quite cynical about it and yet innocent at the same time. Could it be because of his accent? Who knows?

He’s great, I love him. We need more characters like Bucket in any videogame. Actually, no we don’t, this is where he belongs. Perfectly in this game.


Trapper, specifically Abe, because it suits my playstyle. I love pressuring the monster and it’s easy to do with him, once you find the monster of course. :trapper:


My favourite is hank and Hyde love there beards and style in combat but favourite class is monster as the golaith love to watch the hunters burn.