What Assault are you scared of the most?

I let it feed. And it was a Behemoth.

@soma_1992 Yeah, they all do good damage. Parnell can be absolutely devastating to a monster.


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A good Parnell is super scary with his super soldier.

I guess Hyde should be here but he’s so common. I havent faced a lot of good torvalds.

I’m not necessarily afraid of any assault, I’m afraid of the assault player. Good assault players terrify me, they know exactly how to make you feel the most pain with their chosen character.

YES! It’s actually hard to choose an Assault because it depends on how the Assault player is as that Assault

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I’m not surprised many people under estimate Parnell cuz a lot of people don’t use him effectively but I thought he would be very close to Torvald guess not ;_;.

That basically goes for any assault with cabot…

Gotta go with hank is more terrifying than any assault

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lol the orbital thing is the most damiging abilty in the game , dont fockes on spiling :sweat_smile:

IMO Parnell does the highest amount of damage in the game if catches you evolving, but in a fight hank and torvald are definitely up there.

If it all hits…

Hey I have a question. How does one make a post with a Poll and how does one “fuzz out” a line of text until one clicks it?

Also I hate good Hydes… although… everyone is good with him because he’s the easiest to use bastard of the group. Damn it I’d change my vote to someone else but it’s too late now.

This is the new user thread. I suggest that you check it out, as it has answers to both of your questions.

I feel shameful to have to go to the “New User” Thread…


Hey, I do it from time to time too. I don’t know everything. O.o

In conclusion, torvald got the most votes because of his high burst damage with his mortars.

Parnell is surprisingly tied with Hyde, I tought he would be second for his burst damage, guess not.

Hyde is still popular and considered the ‘hank’ of the assaults but I think torvald will be the new go to assault in competitive as well as casual.

Lennox is 4th in the votes so does that mean she’s under estimated? I wonder why people picked Lennox?

Markov got the short end of the stick unfortunately, people only pick him as a counter to kraken.

Very interesting, I wonder if the devs will benefit anything from this?

God damn i definately thought I would be one of the few who are scared of a good torvald

a well landed mortar is going to melt your armor/health like cheese… :smile:

Has anyone else noticed that its a little disorientating to be hit by torvalds mortars and shrapnel? Not terribly bad but a little

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