What Assault are you scared of the most?

What are you guys most afraid of?

  • A good markov
  • A good Hyde
  • A good Parnell
  • A good torvald
  • A good Lennox

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@xTr1ckOrTr3atx I want your opinion the most so be honest :3

Ima say markov, I think he’s the most balanced so far, but if played right, definitely gets damage in with those damn mines. The lighting gun has long auto target with good damage and his rifle hits weakpoints

Torvald. A good one constantly hits these barrages. Terrifying.

Parnell comes in second.


Really? I’m surprised cuz if Parnell catches you while your evolving or knows how to aim then your done but I do agree torvald and Parnell are very close in terms of how deadly they can be.

A good Parnell. Everytime I see the hunters picking Parnell I actually get somewhat nervous and I pray he is one of the 90% that can’t play him to save their life.


I don’t know why Lazarus and Slim are not on this list…those are the only hunters that scare me.

Edit: Now I see…this is just for Assault. Ok then…Lennox, because when I hit her I can’t stand hearing the screams. Also, when she gets up close with her shield on that plasma lance is killer!


Yes I totally agree I’m one of those people that actually know how to use him and I love it when they under estimate me. 75% of their health gone in 9 seconds >:D

Well i never play against good parnell thin ,actually i think he is under power

Instresting, so far Hyde is the least picked even though so many people think he’s the hank of the assaults.

I think torvald is gonna be the new assault next to markov but if people learn to use Parnell correctly then he’s gonna be equal to torvald.

I feel Lennox is gonna be used for defense or giving the team a breather in an instense fight.

Gonna wait a bit more to see how things change. I need more voters ._.

Hyde doesn’t bother me so much unless Cabot is teamed up with them…then you got some serious issues.

Torvald is the best with Cabot IMO but I agree with what you’re saying I personally like the burst torvald and Cabot have and that really scares the monster to make that split second decision.

I think it’s because burst damage is scary. You really feel the impact when Parnell aims for the weak spot or when Torvald lands his mortar salvos with incredible accuracy.

I’m not really afraid of any assault so to speak, but I am hyper aware of them. The one that puts me on my toes the most is probably Hyde because that green smoke just sets off alarms to get out, even if I’m going to try to kill somebody but it will take longer than a second… I haven’t played much against Torvald but he’d probably make me constantly move about in fear of standing still for too long.

Wow, never knew people were afraid of Torvald that much O_O

It’s burst damage man :slight_smile: makes you go “wow!” when it happens.

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I said Parnell.

Right now, I’ve not got very much experience against a Parnell that waits for the evolve. If I try to gain distance with Kraken it won’t work very well, because he’s just too slow and easy to track because he’s a target that isn’t very easily blocked by terrain when flying (his strength in combat is his weakness in chases).

Torvald would tie with Parnell, but I don’t feel as pressured by him because he can’t keep up as well. I can evolve, and take care of him then. Against a Goliath, Torvald is the most scary. Parnell can’t keep up with a Goliath that uses his skill-traversals. Torvald though prevents you from effectively focusing anyone since those mortars will fall right on top of you.

If I played with you in custom a few more times, I could work at getting some counters, but since we don’t all like custom games, I don’t get to practice :frowning: I do have a few ideas in mind to try for future games though.

Parnell requires the Trapper and rest of the team’s assistance to keep track of the monster.

Torvald can do his thing so long as the fights occur in areas his mortars can land.

Hyde is pretty much a safe pick. He’s decent against all, and punishes monsters that focus a lot from close range.

Lennox used to be the best against Behemoth, but that’s not really as true anymore with the massive damage potential Behemoth has. If he sits on his lava bomb, that will melt your shield fast, not taking into account his other skills on top. I think it’s best against Goliath but others can do the job just as well. Her damage is also easily reduced by not ignoring her.

Markov is really the best only against Kraken, and then he isn’t an AMAZING assault. He’s effective, but krakens are used to playing with him on the field.

Indeed, it’s very interesting when you collect information you find out stuff you never knew, I just hope Parnell isn’t forgotten in the shadows since he’s my best and fav assault ;_;

The thing with Parnell for me is that I know very well what he’s capable of. With other assaults the hazard is the cloud or the mortars or whatever, but when I’m playing against Parnell HE is the hazard and I hate having him close enough for all those pellets to land. Even worse if you can actually see him because it means he’s probably lined up with your weak spot. I’ll tend to make sure to keep him well away.

I love customs I prefer it over ranked instead of playing against new players or people like formation.

we should make a permanent team for training and such really help me get better as an assault.

and don’t forget with the new meteor Goliath its ALOT harder to catch up ;_;

That’s true, but taking into account the rest of the comp, it doesn’t mean that MG can win just because he can evade you. Since he’s got less burst than OG, he’s worse of a pick against the powerful comps (Slim Hank/Sunny mostly). The assault is less scary but it doesn’t change much ;-;

Hyde should bother you if you see me on him. :3

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