What Are Your Wraith Tricks


Given all the cool things at wraiths disposal what are some cool niche little tricks that you have done with her like doubling back and flying over the hunters


I warp in circles around them to screw with players that are clearly not in my league.

Also, I use decoy, but only so that I can get behind them and get the stealth abduction on.


That first thing is dirty funny but I normally auto lock when I try that


They fixed that in the hotfix.


Doesn’t feel like it


I’ve noticed the difference. I am able to GTFO of dodge now when the match is going south.

Granted I haven’t had to do that too often this weekend but It has happened.


I have to do it sometimes that strike on hank is worth a bar of health


yup. I feel like a fisherman with wraith.

Go fishin for strikes, don’t care if they die or not, as long as I win, i don’t care.

Unless it’s laz.

I can’t deal.


Laz is the easiest to beat especially when they do that stay outside the dome strat


well, I have problems dealing with him :cry:

Also, i have felt that it is a little bit harder to land abductions as of late, have you felt that?


It depends on my ping mostly but I don’t go for those Max range abduction picks anymore


Here’s some sky wraith strats I’ve done



Well, I have never managed full range but I usually use it between 20-30 meters to catch people by surprise when they think I have run.


That I have never used, Mainly 'cause at that point I just fight since at s1 i can usually get 1 or 2 strikes before I am in actual danger.


sky wraith is so epic :smile:



yes, but i feel like a dick when i use it since people complain a lot.

So i semi sky wraith :smile:


But against pros its a completely viable strat with dose dome dodges xD.


I hit one on dam on the medic it was instant GG it was beautiful


So if we ended up in a tiebreaker and they ban kracken you think I could dome dodge vertically like I got a lot of niche things I do but I’ve never tried that


Here’s another strat xD