What are your top 5 most hyped up games?


Mine are.

1 Evolve
2 The witcher 3
3 Final fantasy 15
4 Halo master chief collection
5 Alien isolation

What are yours?!

  1. Evolve
  2. Star wars battlefront 3
  3. Shadows of Mordor
  4. Alien Isolation
  5. Super smash bros


Not most hyped up, but my personal hype list:

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3
  2. Evolve
  3. Super Smash Bros Wii U
  4. Kingdom Hearts 3
  5. Kingdom Hearts 3


Evolve… Evolve… Evolve… Evolve… Evolve…

I try to say something else but it all turns out the same :stuck_out_tongue:


The only games I’m feeling hype for right now are the new Smash Bros and an unannounced strategy game in development. I only get hyped when I’m completely sold on something. :smiley: Lots of titles out there to be curious about though!


Alien Isolation
Civ 5 BE
Dinosaur Battlegrounds.
I like my dinosaurs too much and im an alien fanatic basically.

  1. Evolve
  2. Super smash bros wii u
  3. Shadow of mordor
  4. Zelda ( not the one that came out)
  5. Metal gear solid 5/ kingdom hearts 3 (I can’t choose)


Final Fantasy 15(even tho i wont play it cause i dont have a next-gen console still i’m pretty hyped)

  1. Elder Scrolls VI/Fallout 4
  2. Evolve
  3. Silent Hills
  4. Whatever Irrational Games makes next (or Ken Levine)
  5. Bushido Blade 3 (I’m dreaming)

  1. Evolve


That’s it.




Killing Floor 2
Binding of Isaac Rebirth


Garry’s mod

  1. Evolve
  2. LBP3
  3. Alien Isolation

I think that’s it. I can’t think of anything else I’m “hyped” about


my hype died with alien colonial marines

never forget 12.02.2013


Evolve and Halo; The Masterchief Collection. ( Halo 2 Anniversary!!! )

  1. Evolve
  2. Dragon Age Inquisition
  3. Witcher 3
  4. Dying Light
  5. Borderlands Pre Sequel/Civ Beyond Earth (hard to decide)

  1. Evolve
  2. Borderlands: TPS
  3. Killing Floor 2

Those are the ones I’m really excited for and can’t wait to play. I’m on the fence about CoD: AW and BF: Hardline. I’m on a hype roller coaster with them. I get really excited, then I feel like it’ll be a waste of money, then I get all excited, then I’m “meh”…


Dragon Age: Inquisition
Shadows of Mordor
Just the idea of a Fallout 4 as long as they don’t go MMO with it (co-op or some sort of drop in with friends would be fine for me)
Beyond that, nothing.

  1. Evolve
  2. LBP3
  3. No Man’s Sky
  4. MGS V
  5. The Division (wherever the hell that went)