What are your top 3 most played characters?


Just curious. I think it’s an interesting addition to the profile in 5.0 and shows your preferred play-style pretty well.

For example, my top 3 are:

  1. Caira
  2. Val
  3. Lazarus

As you can see, I’m an Assault main. :wink:

I mained Val for the first few weeks of Evolve, getting her to number 8 global on PS4, then moved on to Caira once I figured out just how awesome she was.

I’ve got almost all the medics in the top 100 global via the old leaderboards, because goals are fun even if they’re meaningless.

I really enjoy all the characters, but I’m apparently a masochist and like the stress and pressure of having a monster wanting you dead. If I’m not medic, I like support, trapper and then assault.

I think medic is my favorite because I prefer playing support classes and helping my team as opposed to being in someone’s face all pew pew and whatnot. It took me quite a while to accept Laz’s style of play wherein you essentially tell a downed teammate that you won’t make it in for the res, but their sacrifice was worth it.

What are your top 3 and what does it say about you and your preferred style of play?

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