What are your preffered hunter choices for every class and mode, and why?


Hi everyone! I’m currently rank 38, and have an elite skin on 10 hunters (everyone except Griffin and Hyde). Alright, I’ll admit, I cheated by using Hunters Quest and I farmed the other half of the progression in bot games. The reason I did this, is that I don’t want mastery challenges to affect my playstyle in multiplayer. I have effective ways of leveling for most of the weapons for most of the hunters, so if anyone wants to know an effective way to farm a hunter, you can ask me.

Here are my preffered hunter choices for every class and every game mode:

Medic - Caira. Her healing grenades are very powerful, also her ability to heal herself without using the healing burst is great. Her adrenaline field is very useful for if the monster just startled some birds or if the dome comes down.

Assault - Markov. Good damage for his lightning gun, an accurate and high-damaging assault rifle, and mines are devastating if the monster makes 1 mistake. But if the monster walks into a mine field while Cabots damage amp is up? Oh god…

Support - Cabot. Some people might prefer Hank for his defensiveness, but man, Cabots damage amp HURTS. If the amp is out of battery you have a very high damage weapon at your disposal for a support, and dust tagging is great if you suspect the monster is nearby, or if the dome is coming down.

Trapper - Abe. It’s hard to find the monster in the early game, especially if he’s sneaking. All you can do is search, tag wildlife, and hope for carrion birds. But once you find the monster, it’s hard to lose it. The tracking dart is amazing, and statis grenades is like a perma-slow. Good damage with the shotgun.

Medic - This depends on the assault my ally chooses. Markov or Hyde? I’ll go with Caira, for the adrenaline field and healing grenades if the monster engages. Parnell? I’ll go with Val, to boost Parnells damage with x2.0 weakpoints.

Assault - Markov. Yes, even if my allied medic takes Val, I’ll still go with Markov. Mines do A LOT of damage to the eggs. So does Parnells shotgun with Vals weakpoints, but I prefer Markov because you can lure a minion in a mine field pretty easily.

Support - Bucket. All 3 supports are good in Nest, but I prefer Bucket because his sentry guns can kill eggs single-handedly.

Trapper - Abe. His shotgun is the highest damaging weapon of all the trappers. Not really a reason to pick another trapper.

Medic - Lazarus. His ability to revive survivors without a strike or revivify them is invaluable.

Assault - Markov. Good damage to the monster with both his weapons, just like in Hunt. His ability to defend survivors and extraction points with mines is awesome in Rescue.

Support - Hank. His shield projector is great for protecting survivors.

Trapper - Abe. Statis grenades are more effective than harpoons to slow the monster down and preventing him from killing survivors.

Medic - Val. Caira is not as useful in Defend as she is in Hunt. Her adrenaline field is not that useful, and napalm grenades don’t do a lot of damage.

Assault - Again, Markov. The Martian is just too good. Defending the generators and power source with mines is a great strategy. Also, you can damage both the minions with the chain damage from your lightning gun.

Support - Cabot. Defend, for the hunters, is about doing as much damage as possible. Cabot. 'Nuff said.

Trapper - Abe. Statis grenades are great at slowing the monster and minions down. Also, his shotgun is high-damaging.

That was it for the hunters. Man, I can’t wait for the reveal/release of the tier 4 hunters to try out new combinations in different modes!

That’s it! Feel free to leave your own ideas on this subject, and I’m open to criticism!

EDIT: Because of balance changes and new hunters this list is outdated

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Shouldn’t this be titled something like;

“What are your preferred hunters for each mode? And why?”

As it stands, it looks like we’re discussing YOUR choices… I did wonder coming in “Why are we talking about what this guy likes?” lol… Not flaming, honestly just giving some input.

Anyway… here’s mine; Bucket


Yea, it’s sad but true… I can roll with him on ANY mode/map. But I also play with the same folks a lot and they actually ask me to run him as he’s my boy and I am excellent with him. (was #5 Bucket in the world until leaderboard reset bug last weekend, I am now back up to #30 or so)

I don’t really do medic much, cause I kinda suck at it and others on the team are better than I. My secondary class it Assault, and I generally run Parnell, unless we’re on defend, then I run Markov for the mines.

For me it’s a comfort zone… I leveled each of em up to 2 stars at the beginning to get a feel for 'em, after that it’s just personal style/preference for me…


You’re right about the title, it seemed a bit selfish, i edited it.

There seem to be a lot of people who love Bucket, which i understand. I got to admit, flying his UAV around to find the monster is pretty fun (if it works…) and firing missiles at the monster of course!



Yea, on hunt my crew doesn’t really even need a Daisy, between my head and jet pack boost to get back into the action. In combination with a good trapper that tags or uses sound spikes, we can keep the pressure on the monster to limit their ability to stage up.

Hell… I even made a dedicated thread for ol Bucket…

Yea, I am a Bucket addict lol.

At the end of the day though, I rarely advise folks which class to take when I am in PUGS, it’s more about one’s comfort zone and proficiency with the character. And when one is playing with a crew, each guy tends to have a class that they’re better with than the rest.

I commend you on yer diversity though… got me beat there. Yer a utility guy that could fill in with any crew as needed. An awesome thing indeed (again, I suck as medic lol… ok with support (usually Abe) and do just fine with Parnell.


I agree about Caira on Hunt - although I try not to use speed boost once arena goes down - seems pointless if it’s on cool down (arena).

And particularly when in PUG (which is crap enough already) - the temptation to chase with boost and shoot thus refreshing stamina on monster is too much for others.


I’m a trapper main, but I’ll go through my preferences for THOSE, and who synergises with them. This is gonna go on for a while…

For hunt, I usually take Griffin. He’s my favorite trapper by far, and since he excels in actually KEEPING the monster in a dome, I feel like Hunt mode is his place to be. It’s nice having a Hank on the team with you so that you can harpoon the monster away from HIM, and he can shield YOU if the monster decides to switch aggro. I don’t tend to have any real preference in the other 2 classes on my team. All 3 assaults have good arguments for synergising with Grif, so it’s mostly player preference. I’m SLIGHTLY swayed towards Hyde, though, seeing as keeping the monster in place/grounded is ideal for Hyde’s flamethrower + toxic grenades, + his flamethrower can reveal an invisible wraith for you to harpoon (if you missed it initially). On the medic side, although Val’s a really good teammate with him, it feels like she’s a tad under-tuned to me, and Caira + Laz are just as effective.

In Nest, I USUALLY take Maggie, but Abe’s pretty good too. Abe’s your resident egg crusher out of the trappers with his shotgun, but his stasis grenades are only so-so vs the minions, whereas Maggie’s got less damage, but her harpoon traps are great at bugging out the minion AI. Grif is awful in this mode seeing as he’s got the lowest damage of the 3 and his harpoons aren’t very useful when there’s TWO monsters.
All 3 supports are decent in this mode, so it depends on which tactic you’re going for. If your team’s going 1-3, then Bucket’s the obvious choice, for 2+2 Hank can dish out a bunch of damage with orbital strikes, and if you’re travelling as a team, then Cabot makes eggs die in about 5 seconds.
For medics, I like Val for her stronger + longer lasting weakspots, but Laz is better if you’ve got Parnell, who’s shotgun wrecks the weakspots. Caira’s great for keeping the monster/a minion distracted for ages whilst healing herself constantly, so all 3 can work, again, depending on tactics.
For Assaults, Parnell’s amazing if you’ve got a Laz weakening the eggs, but he’s only so-so otherwise. Markov’s mines make quick work of the eggs + the minions, so I’d say he’s the best choice in almost any other circumstance. I don’t think Hyde’s great in this mode, even though he’s the most fun to play IMO, but he still works out just fine.

Rescue is simple: Do I have a Lazarus? If yes: Griffin. If no: Maggie.
Daisy is SO FAST at reviving the survivors, she really puts in work. It also means your team can focus on laying down traps/mines/turrets, or distracting the monster whilst Daisy rez’s the survivors. If you’ve got a Lazarus, though, she’ll revive survivors (but not hunters) anyway, giving them strikes they don’t need. If Lazarus is on the team, I use Griffin instead, to harpoon the monster away from the survivors, giving them more chances to escape and make distance.
For supports, Hank is amazing for zoning the monster away from downed survivors + his shields are fantastic too. Bucket’s also acceptable for keeping tabs on the monster and using turrets near downed survivors, but I still prefer hank. I don’t think Cabot’s too great in this mode, though.
For medics, Lazarus is fantastic (if they’re a good player), but all 3 can put in work. If I’m medic I usually play Caira just cos I don’t find Laz that fun, but I still think Laz is the best option.
Assaults, I’m gonna have to go with Markov again. Zoning is the aim of the game in Rescue. Parnell has no real zoning tools, and Hyde’s bombs slow the survivors down. Cleverly placed mines force the monster to either take tons of damage or to walk around them if they want to get to the survivors.

For Defend, Abe is essentially the best. His only downside is his problems with finding the monster, and in defend, THEY come to YOU. The other 2 can still do their job, I just find it’s much easier as Abe.
All 3 supports can do work on defend. I prefer Bucket to the other 2, just for the immense turret damage shredding the minions without the need for precision or your teams help.
I prefer Val on my team in defend. her tranq darts with Abe’s stasis grenades basically stop the minions from moving, and her rifle increases Abe’s shotgun damage. I feel like Laz is useless in defend, seeing as how small the respawn timers are, and hunters return with 0 strikes. I find it better to keep people on their feet for that little much longer, and when they DO go down, just let them respawn in half a minute. Again, Caira is perfectly acceptable, maybe a better option if you’re against a really aggressive monster player.
For Assaults, I like Hyde for combining the the stasis and toxic grenades. With a couple of those thrown, the minions are basically dead before they reach the generators. Markov’s mines work great too, but it feels like Parnell’s a bit lacking.


I usually play solo random mp, since I have been having some problems with my mic recently. My preferred classes are trapper and medic, but I can work as support (had an amazing full hp stage 3 monster win the other day, but that’s irrelevant), and assault is just boring for me. I will only include Hunt mode cuz I don’t have much time, but maybe I’ll return later. So here is what I can share based on my solo pm experience so far:

Laz, Cabot, Griffin, Hyde.
Now don’t start yelling at me for not choosing Caira as medic - there is a reason for that. In solo play there is less skill and communication than in party matches, so 2 down strikes on one of your teammates three minutes into the match is not a rare thing. You need Laz to prevent this. Cabot as support works well with Griffin, since dust tagging can counter the crouching monster when the sound spikes find him. Also, damage amp in combination with Laz’s rifle and Hyde’s flamethrower is deadly to the monster, plus it helps with Griffin’s SMG low damage, so that Grif can effectively partake in the fight. Now, Griffin, my favorite hunter in the game due to his tactical nature. I’ve played a lot of games that require constant map awareness (WoT, Dota) and thus Griffin’s gameplay seemed very natural to me. I only turn off the minimap during the dome fight, otherwise I’m mostly concerned with placing my spikes properly and finding ways to intercept the monster when he trips one of them. The Harpoon took a while to get used to, I still don’t think I’ve mastered it, but it proved very useful against monster players since it takes a couple of seconds for them to realize they are harpooned. Now, as for the Assault, I honestly don’t have a preference but Hyde seems to be the most balanced of the three (Markov is defensive, Parnell is offensive). Also, the toxic grenades can be used to give tactical advantage to the whole team if used properly.

I realize that there is more than one effective configuration (e.g. Abe-Bucket or Val-Parnell pairs), but the one I propose only requires basic player coordination, while the mentioned pairs require a lot of collective effort and communication.



Basicly just place all sentries on an egg, run, shoot the next egg until the other dies. Replace sentries, and so on. If the monster finds/chases you, cloak and run to the next egg.

I win every time :smiley:


He-Hello?? Did everyone leave when I posted?