What are your evolve headcanons?

Mine are:
Monsters have a mission. They ultimately tackle anyone in their way but their ultimate goal does not concern killing humans. What their mission is however I don’t know.
Caira likes Abe
Bucket just like legion (from mass effect 2/3) wonders what is it to be human. “Does this unit have a soul?”
Cabot suffers from depression
despite Val getting hate from some for being an agent her loyalty is to Cabot and the team
I can go on for days!

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…No just no D:

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I think he might be right there.


No shipping on these forums >:[

Noooo he’s not ;-;

Definitely don’t ship them just a thought

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A wrong thought mind you :s

Abe likes Caira, that much is obvious. However, I feel Caira is too invested in her work to develop feelings.

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If Abe likes caira he likes val too.

To late the S.S. shippings took off with its passengers A while a go.

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Mr. Mak mak (Makarov) likes val a lot

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Now I do support that ship.

I could have made it worse but ill stop. Just for you <3.

So with the point of the thread.
I think monsters use themselves and creatures from the planet to evolve into different monsters

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I think the monsters are based on shear wildlife. Behemoth is the obsidian grub, Goliath is crowbill, kraken is mammoth bird(?) And wraith is a reaver

Since people seem to have gone to the extreme on this “no shipping” thing on a few threads, I thought it might be good to clarify…

According to the mods and devs shipping is fine where it is appropriate and family friendly. Shipping “underage” characters (We don’t know Jack’s age, but he may well be), involving real life people, getting graphic or overly suggestive, shipping monsters or other wildlife with humans… basically if it’s not PG-13, and is potentially the sort of thing that would wander in to the realms of discussion of illegal activity, then don’t post it.

But saying that you think Caira likes Abe is fine :smile:


Shipping is fine as long as you keep it pg-13 at least that’s how I’ve seen it.

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What have I done

Basically no nasties. Speaking of underage, how old is sunny? Caira is like 20s and jack is like 16-17, so sunny is abouuut? 18?

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Matthew has said elsewhere she’ll be around 19-20. Jack may not even be 16.

Edit: The point with Jacks age, and I personally think why the devs aren’t specific about it, is that he’s just meant to be “a kid”. Whatever that means to you, the player, the idea is that you’re meant to accept that he’s really too young for this kind of situation happening around him, but through genius and a little bit of coping mechanisms he has managed to hold his own which is pretty fantastic


Maybe. But he talks about Caira in one conversation, the way you would talk about a crush. Can’t remember the exact details at the moment.