What Are Your Best Memories Of Evolve/Forums?


I think mine was when…I was promoted to Regular…and then it was revoked a day after. Lol

Speaking of promotions to regular all I have to do is get 2-3 more likes to be a regular again :stuck_out_tongue:


I think… December 2014. Almost all community members wore Christmas hats on their avatars that month. :blush:


I wasn’t there for that but I saw it this year! To bad I couldn’t do it that year : / Next year though!


There’s a grace period after you become a Regular. Unless you were bad and got it taken away…

Best memory was waking up to everyone having a robo face. I was so confused.


Okay okay, I exaggerated it was more like a week plus


Meeting the bunch of people here that I can call my friends. :blush:

A few mentions being @Quirknaktor @Pythios @Centipede47 @Karuu @Tyrrell and Rose.
(also @ToiletWraith , how could I have refrained from mentioning everyone’s favorite leader?!)


(those are only a few so if any of the rest of yall are seein this, calm down, can’t list all o’ y’all)

These are some of the coolest people I’ve ever met and these forums are the conduit in which I met them, so I cannot expreess how grateful I am for this game and these forums.


Writing a ridiculous amount of stories for people.


Another happy moment was when Evolve ticked my brain and yelled at me to make a game


5 likes and your post is only 2 minutes old… almost as fast as that one charizard picture in the random thread that one time.


Haven’t played that game in forever!


One could guess who my favorite character is.





What Troll said, meeting awesome people in the forums, I love this community!
I have so many good memories, so I’ll make a list (in a random order) :

  1. When Bucket got buffed, I was so happy that day xD
  2. When all the devs changed their profile picture and put Emet’s face, man, TRS knows how to hype!
  3. Playing with forum members on XboxOne! :smile:
  4. When I won the Hunting Season pass in a raffle C:
  5. When I found out that the new medic was going to be a robot :bucket_cute:
  6. Joining the Leaders and then, the Mods, I love all of them! :heart:
  7. Tier 5 teaser, I remember the huge hype that day, the forums went crazy xD
  8. When I help people in here.
  9. All of my what’s your favorite… threads, I love sharing and also, when people share :slightly_smiling:


One day hopefully, me too![quote=“Buckets_Sentry_Gun, post:13, topic:82151”]
9) All

You just had to end on 9 -_-




My favorite memory is when the game came out, and all the Wraith OP topics that came out. JK that was a terrible time.
But I don’t have many bad things to say about this forums or anything really. People on this forum have always been nice.


Favorite memory: learning about T4 for the first time and enjoying the wild speculation and OP complaints that came with it. I was basically a lurker back then, but I still fondly remember it :smiley_cat:


I remember all the controversy over how Kala’s hand looked like Gorgon, nobody even suspected Wraith. :stuck_out_tongue:


The time a Cheeseburger Thread got Double Locked…


I just love most of the community.