What are you supposed to do with the gorgon


All its attacks are weak (DMG) low health ect what you gotta do to make it work


Gorgon takes considerably more skill than the other monsters in the game.

Whatchya gotta do is land a good spidertrap and start going ham on a priority target or the one trapped in the spider.

Essentially: Spider trap ==> Websnare ==> Acid + Melees = dead hunter.

The harder parts of gorgon is being able to judge when the best time to use the websnare is. It can completly deny escapes. Use terrain to your advantage. If a hunter tries to be cheeky and constantly climb, just spray acid on the walls or knock them down with snare.

Also. You are not Goliath. Once you get a down or two, just try not to fight as much. Hit and Run


I try to stack the DoT and utilize spider trap as much as possible. I might not be the best reference though, I don’t main Gorgon.


she´s an ambush monster,not direct damage monster

all her abilites are based on DOT´s.not direct damage


Gorgon is a damage over time type of monster. She does best of you spread out the damage across as many of the hunters as possible as long as possible. Eventually the medic won’t be able to keep everyone healthy and you’ll break through. That’s why the spider trap works well, it lets you break the team up and makes it much more difficult for them to keep everyone healthy. Gorgon isn’t a brawler, she’s all about hit and run play.


Spider Trap is key. Turwaith is right. o:


Ambush. Use wall pouncing as much as possible, stay on the move to find better positioning often, don’t try to tank damage or bum rush the hunters. At this point Gorgon is much more of an assassin monster than Wraith is, so play her like one.


Here you go. o:


Use wall pounces all the time.


What works for me is I fall over and die at stage 1. Then I pick a new monster to play and fall over and die at stage 1. Fool proof.


“What are you supposed to do with the gorgon?”

Play for fun, keep away from ranked play :wink:
This is my conclusion after dropping one division down when playing Gorgon.


Wall pounce. Over and over and over. People will hate you, but if you want burst damage as a Gorgon it’s the best you got. Plus the web/acid melee combos. You can also traverse towards a hunter while hitting them in the air with a heavy melee followed by a ground pounce (if you’re ping is good). Gotta learn them combos.


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