What are you supposed to do versus a Jack+sunny comp?


Jack just stops your warp blasts and abductions and sunny just jets people away. How do you win against a team that negates your abilities in that way?


Well for starters you don’t play a monster that’s horribly underpowered at the moment.

That aside, focus the Sunny.


Focus sunny when Jack is stopping your abductions and warp blasts?

EDIT: Your reply really wasn’t helpful, you were just stating the obvious by saying “focus the sunny”


le shrug

It’s well known that Jack hardcounters Wraith. If you’re picking a known UP monster into a comp that actually hard counters it, you’re probably going to get wrecked.

It sucks, but it’s the way things are right now.


Wraith really sucks at the moment. You really can’t win unless the hunters go pure offense, or unless they are so new to the game that they don’t know what they are doing, but co-op is making even that pretty rare.


yeah a good jack is pretty hard to play against as wraith you need to think when using abilitys, try to bait out the repulsor deplete it with a traversal and then use your abilitys.

also giving jack 2 targets with decoy can mess up his blocking abit other than that focus sunny and wait for wraith buffs if you cant handle it right now


I think I just need to make the transition from DoT perks to CDR


It’s not even a contest, the second you start using CDR you will find combat, traversing the map, escaping and hunting all much easier. CDR perks are very powerful and have fun trying to crack a defence comp without them.


I hardly use CDR. I prefer to stack the perks to something like hunger, armor, unkillable… No issues at all.

Note: It depends on your strategy.


As far as wraith goes… I only play it on overpowered now and even then take damage reduction x3 to stand a chance but stack that with the 3x damage/cool down and 2x damage reduction sprint and you basically have permanent supernova and decoy so it’s more shooting fish in a barrel.
Outside of that if you want to play wraith v jack/sunny it’s only going to happen if you down sunny fast then Jack without a revive which is near impossible against a decent team