What are you playing?


Looking for some other games to play while waiting for Evolve. What are you all playing right now? Have you found any titles worth suggesting?

Personally, I’ve gone back to Borderlands 2, which I never finished. Also have been playing Endless Legend (4X Strategy) and Depth, a pretty fun Steam game like L4D versus, except it’s underwater and sharks instead of zombies.


I am pretty happy with League of Legends for now. I’ve also been going back and playing classic games like Portal and Super Metroid that I missed growing up. It is a good way to pass the time.

Just know that nothing will stop the evolve cravings until February. so close and so far…


Man, don’t try to get me back on that League of Legends. That game ruled my life for years, no thank you. Though I did play one game on the new map and it was kind of cool looking, but still ultimately the same game.


Welcome to # LoLRehab @omni :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sober from that game for more than a year and half … life has never been better!

Other main games I’ve been playing for a while are Street Fighter 4, War Thunder (I dont recommend, maybe in the next patch) Company of Heroes or Total War campaigns.

More recently this new singleplayer game “This War of Mine” really caught my interrest.

Though, only Evolve would fill my void of existence. :expressionless:


Dota 2, what is wrong with me?

Also Kerbal Space Program because I am a science nerd.

I am intending to get into Payday 2 again and actually get round to playing the Bioshock Infinite DLC that I have had since forever.

I have a bunch of friends who play dota 2 so it is my go to time wasting game.


Well I’m currently playing through Far Cry 4 at the moment, it’s really fun! Just captured the first fortress with stealth! Also playing a bit of Terraria on the side too.

Ah I saw TotalBiscuit’s review on that, it looks great. I might have to get it in the near future. :smile:


Breaking Point, DayZ, CSGO


It has been a real struggle finding something else to catch my interest after the gaming crack that has been both Evolve alphas. Playing slowly through Watch Dogs and then periodically going back to stand-bys Diablo III and Team Fortress 2 on PC. SOOOO want to play Far Cry 4 but planning to get a GTX 970 this season and will get the free game with it so will wait (and then I can stream it! :)).

Also have an nVidia Shield tablet that I stream games from and write reviews for. Not too much good to play out there (aside from it being a joy for portable emulation) but churning through things and helping point out to people what is decent (Age of Zombies, Wave Wave, Monument Valley, Heroes of Loot, BADLAND) versus what sucks (FlyHunter Origins, most “4 star rated” games in the marketplace). Will probably play more on the GRID service too, they keep adding good titles.

Oh, and just pre-ordered GEOMETRY WARS 3 that comes out next week! Oh how I freaking LOVE Geometry Wars! :slight_smile:


Since the 10th anniversary, I’ve been doing another play through of Half Life 2. Game is still amazing ten years later. Once I beat that I’ll probably play Black Mesa, Half-Life 1 recreated in the Source engine.


Hehe, that would end up at like 6 lifetime playthroughs for me… tempting. :slight_smile:


I’ll be blowing up the new smash for sure starting tomorrow lol. Also going to be playing some GTA 5 and Halo MCC on Xbone (Live = “Me The Big Show”).

Those are going to take me right up to evolve. I’ll probably be done playing all of them except smash bros by then. I’m just hoping the online is solid in the new one. I already feel a little dubious about some of the choices I’ve read about. Realistically it all matters not because I’ll be out there droppin Wombo Combos.


SUPER SMASH BROS! W00t! Have the DS version going, debating whether it is worth picking up the Wii-U version when I’m the only person in the house who loves the series though. The new Events mode sounds like fun though.


had to scratch an itch and bought cod…not bad but became tired of playing it pretty quick, Decided to get the humble bundle with Insurgency in it and am hooked on that. Wrote it off as a counterstrike clone but was very wrong…I find myself enjoying it more than cs tbh. Only two and a halfish short months to go!


It’s worth it lol. Didn’t like the 3ds version… I mean… It’s great for what it is but I need some room to stretch lmao.


Well, and the more I play it the more I worry I’m going to completely wreck the thumbstick.


I’m playing Shadow of Mordor at the moment. LBP3 comes out in just over a week so I have that to look forward to also.


Been playing the hell out of This War of Mine. Hands down the best survival game I have ever played. So emotional and deep/dark experience playing this magical game. It also looks amazing check out when I started up a game it was Winter this time right off the bat! (But at least they gave me a heater at the start)


Dota 2 I played for a little while, I like a lot of the features that League doesn’t have.

Kerbal Space Program I will have to check out at some point, it looks really fun.

Wow, that looks really cool. I might have to pick that up.

Shadow of Mordor did just get an update yesterday…time to get some more achievements then, huh.


Shadow of Mordor was such a sick game lol. The nemesis system… honestly the most “next gen” thing I’ve seen yet.

I remember hunting my rival orc captain… Blorg… I remember the name… I’m sneaking after him and his boys. I’ve killed all of them except him and one more. I go for the sneak attack on his follower but he turns around and makes a noise alerting Blorg. He turns to face me and says “Trying to sneak up on me while my back was turned… (Chuckles) Cheeky bugger”. Had to run for my life into the nearby ruins where we played a game of cat and mouse before I finally buried the sword into his back. As he knelt there, knowing I was about to finish him, he cursed me for a coward and told me to get on with it… to finish what was started… and so I did. And thus ended our little game.

Honestly felt like some real “next gen” shit. I just remember thinking “That feeling right there… that’s the future of gaming”


A bunch of Mario Kart 8 with some Master Chief Collection thrown in(…not the MP since it’s been busted). Smash tomorrow is going to suck away the rest of my time for awhile.