What are you playing, and why?


I played 5 games with friends yesterday, and had some interesting results as to which monster won when. I’m finding that I’m trending differently than before 2.0 patch.

I used to play Goliath a lot. Really liked him. He was very strong with abilities and chaining. I also felt he was very resilient to damage and allowed for a bit more punishment. My opinion has changed recently however.

I always liked Kraken, even before he was popular (before 1.3 where everyone played wraith). He’s very mobile (and a bit fragile) and has a lot of fun and diverse play styles from ability alpha strikes to punish and evade styles. He’s currently considered the most popular, and I agree… More on that later.

Wraith: Is making a come-back! She snuck into my second favorite spot right now. A very sneaky and mobility based monster, I find myself zipping around domes looking for moments to try and punish the tracker. Being so small (comparatively speaking) I have a much better sense of sight on the hunters.

And finally: Behemoth… I reserve my opinion until they finish working on the bugs/inbalances that it has (2x damage vulnerability, and spam on the roller melee).

A lot of people that I see have switched to Kraken… Seems to be everywhere! I don’t think it’s necissarily because it’s OP (Which I don’t think it is. I think the other monsters are in a bad place right now). But because of how annoying it is to be on the ground!

It seems EVERY medic is playing slim and spamming those spore grenades. It makes it very hard to find anyone if your behemoth (so big it’s hard to find hunters), and Goliath lives life with his bulk blocking vision in melee.

Between Sunny and Torvald, the ground is the last place I want to be as well. Bot have really powerful arching attacks that are difficult to aim in the sky, but easy to manipulate to catch a monster in aoe.

Crow and his slow-ray? Abe and his slow-nades? Both are really is effective, but crow’s bullets are also very slow. Same thing with the grenades which: are also arching throw, but hard to stick to a mobile target. The more mobile you are (al-la wraith and kraken) the less it bothers me!

So: IMO, mobility is my saving grace as a monster; and why I’m choosing the monsters I am.

What’s your tale? Have you changed your play style since 2.0? Why are you choosing what you are.


Short-term I’m playing Behemoth because he’s new and freaking amazing.

Long-term I’ll play Monsters alternateively until all have been Elited and/or a new Monster comes out.

Longer-term once all Monsters that are currently available have been Elited I’ll probably pick a Monster based on what Mode it is and which map/effects are in play, but ultimately just having fun with whichever Monster I’m in the mood to dominate with :wink:


I find myself loving Crow and Bob as it stands, i used to love Goliath (and still do) but until something changes about T4 i just cant seem to win so hes been put to rest for a bit. I just really like Crow because ive always been one to be extremely aggressive in my play and thats something Crow is really good at, also ive become pretty good at nailing headshots cross map, and charged headshots are Godlike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As for Bob, i really like the big rolly bastard, he truly is everything ive wanted in a monster, just need to get better at stopping people from kiting me :sweat_smile:


Lol. I really liked behemoth. But I’m really bad at fleeing at the moment. So I never get recovery.


Trouble with fleeing eh? Who do you struggle the most running from, i gots some MLG pro strats that may help ^-^


I truly enjoy Behemoth, even with his being so squishy. Plus I can block a lot of the annoying T4 stuff with Rock Wall and play around it.

I love Goliath and all but I can’t play him anymore for the reason you mention, spore grenades + his bulk blocking most of the vision already. Behemoth it doesn’t feel as crippling on, probably due to the large AoE/denial tools he has.

Kraken is undoubtedly the best monster atm, he’s not “OP” necessarily but he is a little too good at ignoring trapper CC imo. His airtime is nearly 100% now with these last changes. He will be getting some small nerfs next patch that should get him just about right.

Wraith isn’t bad either, though she definitely takes a different approach to play now. I think her playstyle is much better with the dart in and out constantly hitting and running instead of hiding with decoy spam.

And mobility is definitely required right now which is why Behemoth is not doing well and Kraken is. I think you nailed that.