What are you doing while waiting Evolve´s release in less than 6 hours?


I´m surfing on the forum and on Steam forums! Can´t wait!

:assault: :trapper: :medic: :support: :monster:


Shaking uncontrollably.


Working. Making money.


Going to sleep so i wake up fresh at midnight.


See you! :sleeping:


I exercised, had a nap, showered and now there’s just 17 mins left

Edit: Not in that order


Lucky Bastard :smiley: mine will probably not even arrive tomorrow :frowning:


9 hours? Not 14? Absurd!


As some of you may know I’ve been uploading 1 video per hour until release. After the next 2 have been uploaded, the rest of today’s uploads will feature none other than MrStrategio and Gentleman Squirrel. Some of my most enjoyable games to date. I highly recommend watching them as they are some pretty cool guys :slight_smile: These can be found on the same playlist as before, and for those that don’t know about it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJRKP6ty0bQ&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1xR7usORu9LZ3LfeJj-b6aM. I’ve got hundreds of videos uploaded now, come check them out!


I’ll be getting a 9 week old German shepherd puppy… hopefully she sleeps so I can play


Playing dinosaurs with my son lol. Even he is excited for this game. He got such a kick out of watching me play the beta. I wish it was split screen so we could both play offline but I understand why it’s not.

Less than 15 hours until I can start the day one patch. I’m probably going to wake up at 1201 to start it, then go back to bed while it downloads. Wake up fresh and rested in the morning, make us some breakfast, then it’s game time.

I was originally going to wake up at 1201 and play until he wakes up, but with the patch I don’t think I’ll stay up until it’s ready. Reallllllly wish they would let us preload the patch… @macman & other devs that I can’t remember the name of.


In da jooob. Time is going faster here… I’m glad I’m here.


I know what I’ll be doing watching pro gameplay.


I’m doing nothing.
Absolutly nothing.
Just staring at my moniter.
Waiting for Evolve.
Just waiting.


We have three dogs, the two puppies just turned a year old on 2/2 – make sure she gets her exercise before you settle in. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t get to load the game till Thursday night. So you all can comfort yourselves that you don’t have to wait that long. (Sigh) :cry:



Providing snow and sleet do not, in fact, stop the mail, then I should have it in hand in 24-27 hours.


doing my portfolio work for uni which is due on the 13th, its gonna be reallll tough to maintain my self control now…


Med school interview. Can’t wait to get back home