What Are THESE?


I’m just curious. It could easily be just concept stuff thrown in there, or it could be hints and Easter eggs. What are your thoughts?

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Evolve Writer Matthew Colville - Q & A! [Livestream]

The bottom one faintly looks like Goliath, but it could just be me


Even with the two tentacle arms and white fur?


Hm, good point. Didn’t think of that.

Alright, I don’t know what it could be :joy:


Yeah, I’ve got no clue what it is. In the lore, it did say that people who used the Paladin suit did suffer mutations.


I dunno about the…thing…at the bottom. But the ones at the top kinda make me think of…juvenile Wraiths, maybe?


Just looks like creatures that could be in the “darkness” for the concept to me.


This looks more like Wraith.


6th tier confirmed: basilisk

and NO, not like slim

EDIT: this refers to top pic


Is that second picture…

Look at the shape of her head, the eyes, the arms, … it’s just so… Idk. ;-; Maybe that’s her transformation?


the Illuminati was here…


Looks like the demigorgon from D&D


Yeah, it kinda does.





No sir.

Edit: Okay, technically yes.


Necromorphs? Yes please.


I’m sure devs will pop out and tell us that we are speculating over something that is actually nothing… hold your hype guys. :frowning:


The first one looks like gore magala a flagship monster from monster hunter[quote=“Shunty, post:1, topic:101118, full:true”]


Not sure about the second one though


Where do you get these picture


lol you guys are funny with all the speculation