What are these instant revives?

So, I’ve noticed something as a monster player, and it’s concerning. For some odd reason, I can down and send a hunter to the dropship, and in the same fight, that hunter will be back. I just had a game where I finished the team off at stage 1, but the reason why is because they kept coming back so FAST. I swear, in a 4-5 min period, the same hunter I killed(killed, not downed) twice, made it back AGAIN before I finished the rest of them. And the dropship spawns them RIGHT on top of me everytime, and I swear they don’t even fall from the ship, they just spawn on the ground. Am I on some other stuff, or what? Can I get some clarification or something? What are these ungodly respawn times?

Here you go!

That makes sense but I’ve also had games where there is a good half a minute left on the dropship and they would pop up instantly where they had died. And it wasn’t just “hunter down” it was “hunter dead” i had beaten them into vanishing and yet with no change in the dropship timer they would pop back up.

That’s happened to me a couple times too. Seems like they drop INSTANTLY alot. like, a lot

For me it wasn’t even a drop, they got back up where they died.

Might have been Lazaurus. Lazaurus can resurrect people from the dead.

It wasn’t, it was Cairon in my games. Or whatever her name is.

Well I am not aware of such a bug. Her name is Caira.

I don’t think it was a bug, It’d be great if it was but I am doubtful, think someone was cheating.

ya, no. it wasn’t Laz, I can confirm. It’s happened to me with meds like Slim and Caira