What Are These Circular Profile Pictures?

It seems so strange and new :fearful:


Woah what the heck 0.o
I might need to change some things

Oh man I guess this is the future!

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That, and I got a request from the website to send me notifications.

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Yeah me too and I allowed it. I’m hoping I don’t regret it.


I’m okay with this.

Lol yeah just saw it myself too.

It’s all so different… I don’t think I like it

hold me @rcsrex

Surely you all like the circles.

Next thing you know it’ll be triangles…


You done goofed you released the kraken. Now you have to release another monster (5th monster) to kill it

Well lets not jump to conclusions

This is my time to shine.


Wow you can’t even tell with yours :confused:

I like it. It’s fits my profile picture perfectly :grin:
But now polls don’t work or something?

You’re right all my polls are broken.

It’s a little unfortunate, but I assume they will fix it relatively quickly.

This is the time my life has been leading up to.

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Discourse (the forum) was updated just recently so… new things have happened that a lot of us, including the leaders and mods, are trying to get used to. Things will be working better after everything is figured out and who knows, maybe they’ll be able to change things back to our lovely little squares.

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Tru. Like 1/6 of Shockwave’s face has been cut off. WHAT IS THIS?