What are the point of chevrons for showing character level?


Every time we’re on the pre-game screen after everyone’s picked, I look at people’s character levels and see chevrons.

Some of them are darker. Some of them are gold. Some of them are gold-bordered. That guy has a dot above his chevrons. This guy’s got a different background behind his chevrons.

What the fuck does any of this translate to? I have no idea what I’m reading. What is so wrong with just displaying their rank in numbers below the fancy icons?


Because people like herringbone? I dont get it either.


The chevrons indicate the level of that person’s chosen character. Three lines mean they’re higher up, with a gold trim they’re even more experienced, with a gold trim, three lines, and a dot they’re even more experienced; etc.


Its just a lot fancier and better looking than a flat number. We already have the boring old number for account level, so why not make it something shiny for characters? Although, I could get behind making the Monster ones a little more monstery, less military…ee


The system in place obviously shows progression, I’m not debating that. I’m stating that you can’t look at someone’s rank and go “oh, that person must be rank 18 with that character”.


Ah, I see what your saying. Maybe they made it like that so it would be a little more difficult for low level players to identify the level? So its like a ‘I haven’t seen that one, so its higher than mine’ kind of thing. Makes it a bit more daunting, so there isn’t the thought of ‘Meh, he is just a couple levels higher’


Well you very much could if you knew what the symbol is for a level 18. It’s like looking at a corporal in the army, you wouldn’t know what their badge signifies if you didn’t know how to identify it.

There are 40 different labels; just have to know what each corresponds to.


And what I’m saying is that this is an arbitrarily difficult way to determine something so simple as someone’s level with a character. It’s nice to know how you stack up next to your teammates and how well you can generally expect them to perform.


Just because something looks fancier doesn’t mean it functions better in design, lol. I don’t mind the symbols, but maybe a number added to indicate character level would explain things a lot better.

If you’re designing UI and people still need to ask what it means then it’s not doing it’s job properly, imo.


The only symbol that matters is the elite one at the end… which i bet will stand out :slight_smile:


You should check this out!


I like the chevron system to show individual ranks for each hunter/monster. Adds a slightly different take on the visibility of progression other than a number.


This certainly helps until(if) you guys decide to add the level numbers to the flags. Thank you.