What are the opportunities for modding/map creation


I was in the process of toying around with a map idea, and was wondering what the average map size is. I had the cryengine editor open and was guessing a 2,000x2,000 meter area as an estimate. Can any devs confirm the average size and monster size for estimation. Also will there be support for custom fan maps and weapons later on?

*Also was not sure if this belonged in community content.


Map Size = too small to get away from me :smiley:


lol I will have to keep that in mind, but what I was thinking of was an island design.


A quick question to @MacMan, Any chance of modding tools?


I am going to edit the forum for a general modding topic


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Would love to. It gets messy though. As far as I understand, we’re not licensed to release our version of the tools so changes that we’ve made to the engine, custom tools that we’ve added to the editor, we can’t release. Which means that you might be able to make maps with the CryEngine SDK, but I expect you wouldn’t be able to make them function.

Will this game support mods in the future?
Mapping Tools?
Unlock modding features to the community and Evolve may come back

Any chance you would be able to get that license?


I don’t think they can just shoot an email and get a yes or no. Probably be a lengthy process, money involved and trying to release it in a state the community can use it.

In a nutshell it’ll be a pain for them. I assume the modified engine they use is much more complicated than say like the Source engine.


Like @MacMan said the engine is a modified form of cryengine. I guess that shuts down almost all third party interaction.


Would you be open in the future to a more “workshop” style idea where people could submit maps to TRS for adaptation and release? Or would the process of converting things not made with your tools into something that functions too much work?


We’ll see. There is usually a way. I have hope we’ll come up with something.


I really hope you guys can release your modified CryEngine to the public at some point in the near future. If people could make maps, skins, etc. through modding and be able to have others download and play with their creations in the game, then…

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