What are the Monster's behind the scenes names?




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Like how Goliath was called Scorpid for awhile and Kraken was known as grounder. This the kind of stuff that you’re after?


Kraken was referred to as Grounder. Goliath was originally Scorpid or something, and not sure about Wraith. Phantom?

While it’s a bit of a read, I’d recommend checking out this thread if your interested in the development of Evolve. Got lots of pretty pictures!
The Development of Evolve


Teleporter, Rocky, and Lurker. Goliath and Kraken didn’t really have behind the scenes names like how certain characters do (even a couple hunters do, like Jack), but their old versions were named Scorpid and Grounder. So, I guess we could go with those for those two…?


Those weren’t behind the scenes code names, those were the actual original names before being changed to accomadate their “monster” theme.

It’s like, if the Host was added to the game, it’s name would probably be changed to incorporate the mythical monster theme. But Host wasn’t just a “code name” like Lurker or Rocky or Scrap, it was it’s original real name.


Im really not seeing the difference?


I figured as much.


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I just don’t feel the need to explain further.


I think @Rapterror is saying Grounder, Scorpid etc were not just code-names, but the monsters genuine names (that eventually got changed) whereas Lurker (Gorgon) or Scrap (Jack) were code-names designed to hide those character’s identities. They were never intended to be their final names.


What were the other ones?


#Goliath used to be Scorpid, and looked crab-like.

#Kraken was called Grounder, the perks now are an inside joke/reference to that.

#Wraith was Warper, I believe, and looked a lot more freaky.

#Behemoth I think was Rocky and looked really weird, but I love it.


Almost perfect!

Wraith was actually Teleporter. :slight_smile:


How things have changed.


Ooh, I’ve never actually seen the Behemoth art. Neat.

@Shaners I’ve actually never wondered this before, but was there a name you guys wanted Bob to have? I remember his name was voted on by the community - I’m just curious if TRS had a general “please let this one win, fingers crossed” sorta vibe.


Those look really cool. TRS should make the Wraith adaptation look like the concept art in the top left of Wraith’s pic.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Behemoth, but I’d pay real money to get concept-art Behemoth.