What are the Monsters based on? (Appearance)


Most of them feel pretty obvious, and I’m sure this has been said somewhere before (but fuck me if I’m gonna go digging for it), but what were the Monster being based on during production?

Like I said, some of them are kinda obvious:

Godzilla = Goliath

Cthulhu = Kraken

Xenomorph (Alien)= Wraith

But what about Gorgon and Behemoth? Some Dev input would be splendid, but discussing the ideas could make for a pretty entertaining topic I think.

And as funny as this is:

I find it hard to believe this was the first thought :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There myths legends and stuff like that


But what legends? Which myths? I can definitely see myself spending an afternoon reading about those things simply because they are now connected to Evolve. Luckily, I already love Godzilla, Alien, and HP Lovecraft’s terrifying universes, so I’m relatively well read on those. Knowing what the rest of the Monster crew is based on would just send people like me further down the rabbit hole!


Most of the wildlife in this game look like they are based off Spaghetti & Meatballs


Goliath is more of a mix between Godzilla and King Kong.


All the monsters names are based off old legends and stories it seems, Goliath from David and Goliath, Kraken from Greek mythology, Wraith from many different legends, always being ghostly, Behemoth from the Bible, and Gorgon from Greek mythology (in Greek mythology gorgon was hideous with snakes for hair, turning people to stone, Evolve Gorgon is also not very pretty) I guess with gorgon they got something almost everyone was scared of (spider) to replicate that


Golem = Behemoth

Gorgon = cute spider, would not really say meduza as she does not resembly anything of that kind


Sorry for the off-topic.

The point of Medusa, being the most famous of the Gorgons, was nothing to do with snakes. Medusa used to be incredibly beautiful. Posiedon was very pissed at Athena since the people in a city decided to name it after Athena and not Posiedon (sorry, no points for guessing which city), so feeling lustful he decided to have sex with Medusa, and feeing salty at Athena… He decided to do it in her temple. Since the Gorgons were immortal (except Medusa) she decided to make them incredibly ugly; so hideous that anyone who caught sight of them would be turned to stone. Nothing to do with the snakes, I guess snakes for hair was just viewed as not very attractive. So Gorgon being ugly af fits the name perfectly.

Tl;dr Gorgon suits her name since the curse put onto the Gorgons were nothing to do with snakes and purely about being hideous.


That’s the cutest spider I’ve ever seen! That picture could probably cure arachnophobia.