What are the hardest characters for each role?



What do you think that are the most hardest characters in each role (assault, trapper, medic, support and monster)

Why do you think this? Do you feel that it is solely because said character is weak? or do you think it has to do with the skill cap?

Assault - Torvald Because aiming mortars is probably the hardest thing an assault will have to do, at least considering how much of an ease the other assaults are by comparison.

Trapper - Jack Trappers don’t really feel hard and I wouldn’t mention Waggie, she’s weak but not hard to play. I’d say jack can be the hardest as positioning yourself in front of the monster and predicting good pushbacks is way harder than what the average trapper has to do. Maybe maggie deserves a bit of credit as post-dome harpoon traps is a bliss that only few accomplish.

Medic - Quantum Caira only because you need to be very predictive to where you aim your healing fields. if you we’re to simply stack them around an area for teammates to fight in, you’re forcing your team to put themselves in somewhat of a bad position (can vary depending on the terrain & situation), since you need to stack the heals, it’s pretty hard to do a good job at it with your hunter team constantly having to move and dodge.

Support - Kala I’d say kala is one of the harder supports since your lack of team sustain requires you to have a great knowledge of using good portals, as well as the fact that she’s very communication heavy with her shield remover.

Monster - Wraith Wraith is a pub-stomped sure, but in higher levels it’s a fairly weak monster. aside from the fact that wraith seems to be in a weak spot atm, it’s also just a pretty hard monster to be good at, you need to be close to hunters constantly, supernova when you know they can’t run away, predict how you can separate hunters with warp blast and aim for good (and fast, or else the assault blocks you) abductions. overal i think wraith has the highest skill cap of the other monsters. not to mention that wraith’s lack of real ranged abilities makes her weak vs things such as mines and stasis grenades.

So yeah let me know what you think I want to know what the general opinion of players is on hard characters.


Medic? Emet.


I did not see that coming


Emet. A good Emet (like @Terepin or I) know the best places to put buoys on a map, how to mitigate/dodge/roach, and are able to heal players without looking.

Cabot. Like Emet, he has a high skill celing. Time his amp with Torvald’s mortars or Markov’s mines and massive instant damage.

Parnell. Headshots make or break him. I am also a Parnell main along with Emet, and so I know his tricks like using SS for chase and map movement. I also have high accuracy on the MRL.

Crow. Little damage, but very rewarding shots with KLR and stasis. If you solely get charged head shots he can make up for lost damage (charged shots do less damage than spamming, but bypass armor).

Behemoth. He is either rekted by stage 2 or stage 3 with 11-13 full bars of health.







Assault - Lennox. For the love of God I can’t seem to get a right playstyle for her - to keep the damage coming feels odd, for her Autocannon, Lance aka “Hundred Cracking Fist of the North Star” and Leap without Cabot don’t seem to do much. Not to mention her need to stay up close and personal with the monster.

Support - I agree with Kala being the most difficult.

Medic - Rarely played this role, but I think I’d go with Lazarus. From what I’ve seen, this guy always has the hard time using his Laz device, needing to always be well positioned, knowing when to heal and conserve his cloak.

Trapper - Yea, Jack.


Nice,your assault trapper and support are probably the easiest in their class lol


Uh, hardly.


She have decent heal,but with your team flying around like idiot and monster chasing you neck to neck,i find her healing hard to land
Most fun and difficult assault to play,not only he require good perk set,positioning and land mortal are challenging
Basically playing hide and seek with monster,the better the monster are,the harder it get
Aim hard,and aim fast


Meant supp instead of trapper

Please tell me how parnell is hard.His main gun has a cone half the screen and his rocket launcher is easier to do damage with than most secondaries


Jack is the easiest trapper. In fact it’s the only trapper that can protect himself.



Agree with everything in OP but Medic, which I also think is Emet. With good buoy placement you can keep your entire team healed well and respawn beacon placement and timing can really make or break a stage 3 match.


I play emet from time to time and tbh he feels not hard at all, you need to know how to roach etc which all hunters need to know anyways, and you can always throw buoys on cliffs and corners while on the run.


Shotgun: Wide spread, yes, but that’s exactly what makes it difficult to use. His damage is much lower than any of the other Assaults if you don’t connect with a significant number of those pellets, and if you blindly fire and anything other than point-blank range you are going to have a very hard time getting through the monster’s armor.

Rocket Launcher: More damage per hit than mot Assault secondaries, but the relatively slow projectile speed, erratic spread, and small magazine make it inconsistent unless you are accurate and good at leading shots and predicting the monster’s movement.

Super Soldier: This one seals the deal. The only way to keep Parnell’s damage numbers high enough to compete with other Assaults is via SS, which is a limited-duration buff that damages Parnell and has a lengthy cooldown. Anyone inexperienced with Parnell is going to end up wasting massive amounts of dps by incorrectly timing the SS, and the monster can evade Parnell during it, which makes proper positioning and Trapper coordination paramount. Not an easy thing to do.

And none of this is mentioning the fact that Parnell’s weapon accuracy decreases drastically while he’s moving, which further increases the positioning skill necessary to optimize his DPS.

Not easy, and definitely not the easiest Assault. Not by a long shot.


Hank might be the hardest Support to play.

Sure his shielding might be (only slightly) easier to master than Cabot’s Amplifier or Kala’s Teleporter Pads, but when you play Hank you’ll be the Monster’s primary target in 9/10 engagements. As soon as you go down, everything starts falling apart.

Playing Hank well is 25% good shielding, 75% kiting to keep yourself alive.


Medic is probably Lazarus. Knowing when to cloak, when to revive, when to let someone just die, and how to generally survive with such low healing makes him the most difficult to use in my opinion.

Support is easily Kala. In fact, I’d say that Kala is the most difficult character in the game. Staying back so you can put teleporters outside the dome, hiding the in-dome teleporter in a way that is difficult to destroy but easy to get to, learning to coordinate with your team to actually use the teleporters, coordinating with them to deal damage while the AR is up, knowing when to use the AR and when to just contribute with damage all make her extremely difficult to use effectively and work around as a team.

For trapper, I would have to say Crow, though to be honest none of them are that difficult to use. Crow is just the most accuracy dependent, and you have to constantly switch weapons to be effective.

For assault… It’s either Lennox or Parnell. Lennox is difficult to use against competent monsters because you have to constantly chase while staying far enough back to not get the multiplier reset. She takes a lot of jetpack management. And Parnell is extremely accuracy and timing dependent.


I don’t agree with that. Maggie can keep herself alive for days