What are the exp points earned at the end of the match based on?



basically that, i’d like to know how the exp is calculated (in base on damage done when assault?, healing done when medic or so?)


This is an interesting question, I would like to know too :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure it’s a set amount of xp every match no matter what your performance. Because all my characters level up the same speed and each one reaches certain levels within certain numbers of matches.


From my speculation, it has to do with winNing or losing the game. WinNing the game gives you more XP than losing. I 40 my og markov with about 100 game with 60% wr. I 40 my blitz with about 80-90 games with about 70-75 WR (idr exact number). If it’s really the same set amount of XP, this doesn’t explain why I 40 one character with 10-20 less games.


XP is gained by a set amount. What that exact amount is, is unknown to me however you get a set number for winning and a set number for losing.

For example winning could give you 400 while losing could give you 200. I just don’t know.


I feel that for the first few levels you get the same xp no matter what, I haven’t tested to see if the rate differs from a win to a loss at later levels though