What are the best perks for Bucket or support in general


Yeah, just want some tips, thank you C:


I always go with health regeneration because when I cloak and I’m the only one left and I have no medic, I get heal, but I would like some other tips


When playing Hank I like to go Quick Switch because switching between shield projector, laser cannon, and the barrage in the middle of battle is very important.
And when I play Cabot I use the Capacity Increase since more the damage amp the merrier.
When it comes to Bucket I have no idea because I despise Bucket!
cough @SlinkyGuy cough


Those are nice strats but , why do you hate bucket? Lol


I like to get movement speed. It’s just handy for all sortsa stuff - Catching back up to your team after you UAV, moving around to put yer turrets in good spots, fleeing when stealthed or getting close to an ally to stealth 'em up, and so on. The movement speed increase means that you can preserve that jetpack for more useful stuff. That’s just me, however.


I go with damage increase cause his turrets destroy but any other support I go with reload and recharge


As with almost with every Hunter I would pick Jetpack Recharge, in order to definitely catch up with the others after using the UAV.

But I’m a guy who likes to deal a lot of damage so I’d normally go with the Damage Boost perk.

However, you could also have the Reload Speed perk to compliment the short clip of the Rocket Launcher.

It’s honestly up to you really! Just mix and match the perks and you’ll find one that will work in some situations more often than not.


Damage boosting is very beloved by both of our team’s support mains. It helps put the hurt on with turrets doing huge damage.

Jetpack and Speed boosts are also valid - helps you catch up with all the things, and makes it easier to deploy turrets.


Hmmm I have so much to try on then, thank you very much guys!