What are the benefits of going 3 points into a skill?


What do you guys think about this. With goliath I maxed out everything and left 0 for rock throw. But looking at wraith, all of the skills seem useful though I’m not sure how to distribute points.


It depends on what you are trying to do, tbh. 3 points in any skill will always be more ‘bursty’ than 1 point across the board, but then you might lose utility and sustain. In the Big Alpha I was very pro 3 point into skills even at stage 1 even though I thought it was an inferior build prior to playing.


I generally put 3 points into two skills to get that burst damage. The damage potential is just too great not to, then 1-2 points into the other 2 abilities. I’ll use the first two basically whenever off cooldown to get that damage and the other two when needed.


I liked Vortex and Charge at 3 points to start with. Both had knockdown/utility in case I got domed stage 1 and would help me keep them disoriented/away, and also because they were REALLY good at killing wildlife to eat and stage up. After that it depended but I liked Leap Smash as Goliath and Lightning Strike as Kraken.


3 points in lightning strike stage 1 + 100% cdr perk = easy win to unexpierenced hunters.
2 points in rock throw + 1 point in charge +100% cdr = even easier win.

i found 3 points spread was inferior and left you hiding and waiting so you can stage up.


I think anything with 100% CDR was ridiculous. I’m glad to see it nerfed so much.


yeah. although even without it id say stage 1 engagements goes to the kraken as best suited to handle it/possibly pull out a win. stage 2 goes to goliath (although idk about the stage 2 wraith but the hp is concerning.) and then stage 3 they are all monsters not to mess with.


I think Wraith wins out in Stage 3 just because melee damage is her main source and as such, she benefits the most out of the evolution.


agreed. and shes a hunter turtle counter for generator fights.
im still wowd by that supernova ability. the word supernova has nothing to do with what she does lol. its AWESOME


The way I see myself playing wraith will be like this.

Damage output perk

Stage one: Three points in supernova. This is your most terrifying and lethal attack, so its great to get it early so you can fight in a pinch
Stage two: If they dont Have Maggie go three points into abduct. This should allow you to pull a hunter off and kill them before the hunters can reciprocate. If they have Maggie, instead go three points into Decoy, because Harpoon traps will stop an abduction.
Stage three: Max Decoy. It is mainly a tactical skill, but can be used to do a ton of damage if you do it right


Yup, I pretty much nailed all of the abilities revealed from the ‘leak’, but supernova was WAY different than I was expecting :slight_smile:


I kind of like the idea of having Decoy early. It allows you to possibly escape stage 1 domes as well as helps kill wildlife. It will be much easier to tell once I play with her though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, once I got my hands on Kraken, my ideas changed a bit and I assume it will be the same with Wraith. Maybe on second thought you should always grab decoy at stage two… and wait untill three for abduct. Only time will tell :wink:


Yup. I’m thinking Stage 1 for Decoy, Stage 2 for Warp Blast/Supernova. That being said, I haven’t seen Warp Blast used alot so not sure on how well it is. It looks great to teleport out, decoy then nova back in or nova then decoy. I dunno. Didn’t see enough :smiley:


completely different than me :wink:

Im going 2 in warp blast and 1 in decoy so i can toy with the hunters juking the shyt out of them. the low health pool makes me think if they catch you too early with low armor supernova will not beat a shielded parnell supersoldier. if they have damage amp thats gg right there.

stage 2 however id max supernova. so were just flipped :stuck_out_tongue:


I was unimpressed with the warp blast tbh. You take two stall times for a delayed blast that does mediocre damage. It just didnt seem worth the risk to me


We all agree though that Wraith has to take supernova for the win though :stuck_out_tongue:


agreed. but im with you guys about warp blast tho. did warp blast teleport still? cuz i was mainly using it to traverse and juke in stage 1. but if its just a strike then ill take abduct stage 1 cuz faking a “leap” and dipping the other way while decoying will be a sick getaway


Ya, that is what I’m leaning towards to, but want to try it out. The ability to close the distance is nice, but the time it took to detonate worried me.


i think i would go 1 point in warp blast, 2 points in abduction, 3-3 in decoy and supernova. Warp blast feels a lot like charge and i think it would be a great movement skill to get around the map during the early stage