What are the artists doing now (speculation thread)


Ok so we know we had day one skins because after going gold TRS kept their artists busy instead of giving them time off.

and with hype for cosmic, sandstone, clownfish, and tiger.
the latter of the two starting the animal skin trend.
the trend stopped there.
no skins have been released since (tiger) at least not on psn.
so that begs the question if they aren’t making new skins? what do you think they are doing currently?
Secret skins?

Post your thoughts and speculations on the topic here :smile:
Don’t tell @macman we’re on to them :wink: Shhhhh its a secret.


Full body hunter skins… Or at least we can only hope!
That or they are adding alternate monster models which I would happily pay for, like the metamorphosis monsters would be amazing.


if they brought in the classic redesign skins for monsters that would be awesome as long as they are as seperate monsters.
a lot of the old designs were so drastically different every animation would neet to be changed and some of the abilities, so might as well make new monsters out of them


They are working on Orion Terrorsaurs, clearly… @xino_zero




Probably something like this…