What are strikes?


Hi everyone, was reading debates about lazarus about how he can prevent strikes. From what I understand, strikes are some kind of penalty, but how is it triggered and what are the penalties?
And are there any differences between getting revived while incapped or dying and respwaning from the dropship?


Each time a hunter goes down they get a strike unless that hunter is rezzed using the Lazarus device. A strike employs a 25% permanent health reduction. Once you get a strike there is no way to remove it even with Laz on your team. When you have 2 strikes you have 50% permanent less health for that match and if you get downed with 2 strikes, you are immediately sent to respawn on the dropship.


And those strikes stay with you even after you respawn, if I remember correctly. It’s a way to make the game a bit more fair for the Monster so the Hunters can’t just revive endlessly for free.


They also get a strike if they respawn on the dropship.


I thought strikes were a permanent 20% reduction in HP? You have 5 ticks meaning tick 1 is 80% of max HP and tick 2 is 60% of max HP.

Just remember, Lazarus only prevents strikes when using the Lazarus Device. He can get people up just like anyone else, but then that person will rise with a strike.


Is there ever a situation where you want to do that as Laz?


Not as Laz, but with Laz on your team bringing someone up could finish a match because the monster wasn’t paying attention.


I believe it is 25%, with max 2 ticks (if you already have 2 ticks, you just immediately die instead of going incapped) at 50% hp

Alex: I’ve had noobs not realize they need to use the device when picking someone up also ;p


You’d never want to, but there may be many people in need of picking up. Not all can be un-struck by the Lazarus device. The recharge delay might mean others bleeding out.


If it is 25% each tick the bars’ sizes are radically different from what they show. It looked more like 10-15% each.


Thanks for the help guys! Can’t wait to get my hands on this masterpiece.