What are some of your best Hunter teams?


Team 1 Laz, Bucket and either Torvald or Hyde

Laz combined with Bucket and Torvald or Hyde makes for a good punishing zone for anyone that tries to eat a body. Most monsters can’t handle the dps and will have to flee giving your team free revives. If bucket is dead Hyde or Torvald provides decent cover for a punishing zone. Torvald as well as Laz can do lots of good extra damage from his shrapnel grenade and sniper rifle combined with the sentry guns. If the assault is dead Bucket provides area protection from his turrets. If Laz dies then both of them provide area coverage so he can be revived. This of course doesn’t work vs Kraken because nothing works against kraken as well as the other monsters.

Team 2 Slim with Bucket and Hyde.

Slim stands in the fight zone keeping the monster semi blind. Bucket puts up sentries everywhere, Hyde puts down toxic grenade which makes it even harder to see people in a spore cloud.

Team 2 is with the power relay in mind. Team 1 lets you chase the monster with minimal or no strikes.

Team 3 is the classic Caira and Hank for maximum damage mitigation. I do wonder how well the shield drone does compared to Hank. Less targeted shielding but more dps from Sunny.


Me myself and I
I dont do the “Team” thing often ^.^


Not my preferred team, but definitely a fun comp when you’re playing with friends- Laz, hank, abe, hyde.
Laz presence demands the monster to camp dead/incapped teamates. Allowing hyde or hank to maximize damage with toxic nade or barrage. custom shotgun+laz weak points allow abe to do assault level damage. And hank just rounds out the team, sheild protector makingup for the lack of active healing.


Caira, Sunny, Crow, Hyde. Great DPS and Sunny plus Caira is a great survival team almost forcing monster stage 3 to win


Cabot, Parnell, Lazarus and Griffin. Utter carnage.


This honestly sickens me.
Stage 2 fair fight my ass…