What are some interesting strategies?


Im not sure if someone has already mentioned this but I found a way to keep the monster from destroying the generator when you’re the last one left. The best character for this is bucket who can throw individual turrents around and on top of (which is the best spot) the generator. Once you’ve done that and escape the carnage, you find a far away cliff or rock that gives you a view of the generator and peck at the monster when he tries to destroy the generator. When he tries to find you all you need to do is cloak and hide or even throw down a few more turrents around the generator before fleein again. I’ve done this several times in the beta/alpha/ release and it’s bought my team at least one extra chance at winning every time.

I think strategies like this are one of the most interesting things in the game and I’m curious of what other people have come up with.


I seem to die in two hits from the Wraith so running away and hiding seems the best.

Are we supposed to die in two hits from monsters?

It seems kind of unbalanced if that is the case.


Id say the best character for stopping the generator being destroyed is to dust tag and snipe with Cabot!


Cabot is the boss for this.


Two hits is a little exaggerated haha. The only thing I think needs to be changed about the wraith is the damage on her illusion. Even when you know it’s not the actual wraith it’s hard to ignore because it will hit you and do a ton of damage. The wraith is a hard monster to face so don’t give up on the game yet. It just takes practice