What are some good traits for Caira and Val?


In general. I tend to use reload speed a lot for Caira, and it seems to work well, especially when the monster is actively beating on us. Though ammo capacity looks like it might be just as good. Val I kinda just use whatever with though. Any suggestions as to what might be better?


I love weapon switch speed. With caira it means you can DPS hard while also healing, with val it means you can keep tranq and crit points up while still healing.


Ammo Capacity is the stuff with Caira, but switch speed isn’t bad either. With Caira you should empty out your healing nades, then switch to napalm and empty those out, then switch back to healing. Guns reload themselves if you put them away, so reload speed is…meh.


Val - switch speed. Heal, tranq, shoot, repeat.

Caira - reload speed. Constant healing is very reliable in bad domes where you need to run often. And it opens possibilities to pick Bucket or Cabot, because napalm grenades don’t do much damage.


You really need weapon switch with Val. She has a ton of responsibilities tranq the monster puncture armor and heal rinse and repeat. Its all ill use on her and it makes her job much easier in my opinion.


I’ve found reload speed can be stronger if someone is taking a ton of damage. But it’s only certain times.


For Caira, I’m a fan of the reload speed, but I can see the advantages of going with weapon switch. I’d be hard-pressed to pick something other than those two though!


the perk is for reload and recharge , so all your kit gets affected by this perk , is basically the CDR perk for hunters


Fair enough. I personally take Health-Regen with Caira. It may be small, but combined with her self healing, she’s a TANK.


Yeah, a big reason I like the reload on Caira too is for Healing Pulse spam. When in monster engagements I use healing pulse on CD, so it’s really nice to have it up faster.


Class based abilities are NOT reduced by reload rate. This includes dome, shield, healing burst, and cloak.


Really? It felt like it did, must have just been a mind trick I guess.


well if you don’t have hank in your team picking either of them 2 is pointless as your dead all the time. But i go with pack recharge mainly and weapon switch on val if hank is on the team otherwise lazarus is the go to and will be the go to for most until the others become useful.


Not sure if it is a bug, but I tried my 2 star (+38%) increased ammo capacity perk with Caira and I still only had 5 nades, not 7. Highly seems like a bug to me. Can anyone else help me confirm?


No way, I’ve had numerous matches where I’ve never lost a person when healing with Caira and not having Hank on my team.


I see very little reason to get weapon switch on Caira since her fire grenades deal such little damage, reload speed is way better or even capacity. Val works way better with weapon switch due to her kit having more significant uses.

But I roll jetpack recharge on everyone I play, can’t do much if you’re dead. D:


On Caira I take capacity 90% of the time, Val is always quick switch.

Val is a subpar healer, you have to be constantly tranqing, sniping, and healing for her to be as effective as Caira or Laz.


I play against high levels every game who know how to play wraith and let me tell you caira and val are useless vs wraith as the good ones will focus you down with out a second notice and by that point the game is lost. Lazarus is the only option at that point. Not saying they aren’t good they are great but only when you have hank there for shield. Although Caira is pretty much useless IMO in every way, she needs changing to be useful.


You must play with some awful Cairas then. She is in no way useless and I don’t have issues with wraiths and evading them. Tell you “high level friends” to use her acceleration, boost dodge better, and to heal themselves.


You must be playing vs very average monsters as Caira is the worst of the 3 by far as her launcher just isn’t very good when the wraith is smacking everyone all over the shop, i tend to be the medic mainly i play Val but recently i’ve noticed that without hank your going to die as a GOOD monster will focus the medic and if he doesn’t he is a BAD monster. As the players get better people will start to realise this. I’m not saying you can’t win with her but she’s the weakest of the healers IMO.