What are Kala's Masteries and requirements


I won’t be home until later tonight and I probably won’t be able to play until tomorrow evening. So, I was hoping some gallant forum poster would be so kind as to put what her mysteries are on here. I’d like to set up a game plan for how to tackle her masteries tomorrow :slight_smile:


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might be a lil bit, people are probably trying to mastery her as we speak.


The 1-star masteries are easy enough, basically just straight “deal damage” with Siren Mines, “allow X damage” for Armour Reducer and “travel X metres” with the Teleport Pads. Those can all be gotten within about 15 minutes depending on how you go about them. For the Teleport Pads I just played a solo game of Hunt on the biggest map that immediately came to mind, set a pad at one end, ran to the other, set a pad there and just ignored the monster whilst I ran through my teleporters repeatedly.

The 2-star mastiers are still simple enough, Siren Mines and Armour Reducer are more of the same, just at a higher number. The Teleporter Pad took me a moment to figure out, as it says to “navigate the battlefield against the monster for 2,000 meters.” I found the easiest way to get that was to start a solo game of arena and just teleport all over the place, it took a while, since I was usually only teleporting for about 60 metres at a time, but it got done better than it would have done elsewhere. I guess Defend could work just as well.

Now, the 3-star mastiers. My God. They start off simple enough.
Siren Mines require 10,000 direct damage to the monster, which I got in one full solo arena game.
Armour Reducer requires you to allow a little over 121k damage. Insanely high, but simple enough.
Teleporter Pads, however, “Hunters teleport away from the monster for 7,770m whilst at lower than 50% health” Yeah… that’s gonna be a chore.


i think this might require you to be in combat. that might be why.

its just like the cloak strategy in a way.


[quote=“The_Mastermind, post:4, topic:81768”]
i think this might require you to be in combat. that might be why.
[/quote]Yeah, I figured the same thing, which is why I went straight to Arena to get it done.

[quote=“The_Mastermind, post:4, topic:81768”]
its just like the cloak strategy in a way.
[/quote]Perhaps, but trying that with the AI is a bigger pain than it aught to be. XD


Good Lord. Star 3 is always a problem. I’ve got my work cut out for me lol. Have you finished it though?


What is it that increases for the abilities? I’m guessing “damage” for the Siren Missiles, “Capacity” for the Armor Reducer, and I know that the Teleport Pads are “number of uses”.


+Seconds for the Siren Missiles, which I assume is an increase for the duration they’re on the field for.
+Metres for the Armour Reducer, which is prettly self-explanatory.
+Seconds of the Teleport Pads, as well. Which, I’m not entirely sure about. Perhaps it’s also a duration increase? I can’t be too sure, I’ve not seen her Teleport Pads just die after a set amount of time yet.


it’s probably the time limit between reactivating.

theres a 15sec “cd” that occurs after you exit a portal before that portal reactivates as an entrance. however, you can re-enter the first one multiple times

both portals are entries
enter portal 1. exit portal 2. portal 2 is on cooldown for 15secs. you may enter portal 1 again, but it refreshes 2’s CD.

Enter portal 1. exit portal 2. portal 2 is on cooldown. 15sec later, it becomes an entrance again

keep in mind, i hadnt played her yet, but those are my observations from watching 6 hours of kala streams last night


Come on we all know Challange three of Siren Missile is to get Headshot damage. lol


Hm, that makes sense. Which means that at elite, the +10 seconds mastery should slash that CD down to 5 seconds.


is it really X secs and not X%? thats insane


Is “number of uses” means before the cool down starts?


Yeah, just outright says +# seconds depending on the mastery level.

EDIT: In fact, none of Kala’s masteries are percentage based.


Jacks repulsor mastery when he first came out was “seconds”…


Wait…Can you place the teleports as Kala,then Hot swap to the character who has less than 50% of his health and just teleport around as him?Will it count?


All in all with kals’s masteries they are pretty straight forward, the only difficult one is the tele pads 3, just to make a point its the last thing for me to do on kala and its only took me 2 hours, btw i tried doing the hotswapping and i can only get an average of 124 or a little more even if they are at both ends of said map, plus the mastery is completely based on luck, seem as the medic cant go 5 minutes without healing your team, id say change to say travel 70 % over 7000 not 50% its complete luck, can someone agree atleast.