What are Jack's reasons for being 'The Jackal?' [NO SPOILERS PLEASE!]


Haha. Nice answer! Honestly, I don't find him annoying. Then again, I have two younger brothers. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did once say that Jack is not suffering from any form of mental illness, but I'm just the writer. I'm not a psychiatrist. I'm not qualified to diagnose him.


A little off-topic maybe, but @VenomQuill you should totally read these:


Woah, Thank you! :smiley: I'll definitely read these... ah, in my free time.


Really? Cool! I never thought that he had a mental illness, I just thought that he was traumatized from all this. I know I would be. So you really wrote him?


I really did!


High five, bro! Always nice to meet a creator! <3 I mean, a person who brings fiction to life via characters- good ones to boast. Haha


Oh yeah, @Matthew basically writes everything. Like, legit. Everything.


Whoa. Whoa. Are you serious? That's awesome! :smiley:


Oh yeah, he's basically the lore God. Every corporation, every conspiracy, every backstory, every piece of dialogue... All @Matthew. He said that he has a whole list of other places (colonies, ships, etc.) that were attacked by monsters sitting in his desk.


Jealousy and fascination has commenced. o.o


You should stalk his profile like I do. Lots of interesting tidbits of information. Even some stuff on the Basilisk Soldiers and the Mutagen Wars! I could pull up some of his work if you'd like.


I don't know how to use forums too well. If you could do that you'd be an awesome person!


This thread contains a few Hunter's back stories, and some noncanon Crow/Slim lore. The stories in here include: Val's, Caira's, Cabot's, Abe's, and all three parts of The Sword. The Sword was a starship manned by Parnell and Abe. Sunny was also a crew member.

This thread talks about the Mutagen Wars and Basilisk Soldiers. It talks about what Basilisk Soldiers were fused with as well, if you read through the comments far enough. Slim is a human-dragonfly hybrid, while other members of the Gen 3 Basilisk's are fused with lobsters and spiders.


Also, it's kind of in the game. It's sort of mentioned, but it's easy to misunderstand it. A lot of people didn't really understand it all that well, so Matthew had to clarify.


To make it more impressive... Think of Lazarus' awesome one-liners.

The Lazarus Device commands! You must obey...
All the better to hunt you with...
Death! I do not recommend it...

By the way, aren't many things you spoil in Evolve. There's not exactly a dramatic ending to Evolve's exciting campaign.


So, did you ever figure it out?


His middle name is Arthur if I'm not crazy?! 😅

And his full name is James Arthur lennox.....jack is a nickname. And possibly created by James himself.


You're right. I mistyped that I guess.


I think before the monster invasion James already had his superhero alter ego The jackal. And his family/ grandma lennox lol just started calling him jack as a result.

When monster did invaded and james got seperated from family he fell heavily on his super hero alter ego to cope