What are good strategies for defend?


Looking for monster/hunters strats that are good.


Run in from the opposite side of the minions, and while they are focused on them, murder the turret on your side. Move around, wreck the next turret as fast as possible, and gtfo. Run in at full armor with some minions and wreck. Rinse and repeat.


I usually go in right away and destroy the turrets first, then run and feed while my minions work on the gen. When I’m full again I’ll distract the hunters from a distance so they aren’t focused on the minions.

Kinda gotta do the same thing over and over. Kraken, Gorgon, and Behemoth are good for Defend.


As a monster, try to destroy the turrets as fast as you can and then run away to get some armor, I think Behemoth is perfect for this strategy, since you can put use Rock Wall while you focus on a turret. Sadly, you can get badly hurt if the hunters decide to forget about the objective and focus on you.

As hunters, you can just decide to focus on the monster, treating it like a stage three fight, dome it and just focus on killing the monster.


As a hunter you should take out the minions as soon as possible since they will be doing the most damage to the objectives .

As a monster attack and distract the hunters so the minions can do maximum damage to the generators. Variate between attacking the generators and the hunters.
Its important not to over commit on a generator because hunters will punish you for it, if your armor breaks retreat and get some more, don’t risk to much of your health trying to get extra damage.


As Monster, I always take feeding speed. Like @Rapterror said, run in opposite of the minions so the Hunter’s either split up, or focus only you or the minions. Go for turrets first, once they are down the generator won’t last long.

Don’t kill Hunters, they respawn real quick. Just incap them, since being revived leaves a strike but the dropsship will return them with no strikes.


I find that Gorgon is even better. You can cause a lot more mayhem, and have an easier means of escape.


This isn’t that great of a strategy. I feel that it’s a lot better to focus on the monster before anything. Minions won’t break turrets, and a turret camping monster is a very easy target. Minions can probably get about of a quarter of a generator’s health before going down, so you shouldn’t really bother with them.


What he said^ .I don’t know if it crosses platforms (Xbox one for me), but there sometimes is a delay on the turret destruction animation, 2-3 abilities is all you need on a turret.

Hunters- just trap the monster when they try and run away after destroying turrets. You can also try and trap the minions away from the generator, but if the monster joins the fight you might want to take it down, 4v3 is not a good idea.

And don’t chase the monster, unless it’s very very close to being dead.


Damn I need to earn to type faster, ninjas everywhere!


I need to try her in that mode then 0_0


Any monster but wraith really, gorgons acid spit can usually hit two turrets at the same time. And even with that fat ass she’s still not easy to hit swinging around.

I always take DI, DR, or traversal.


It works for me, so it is to me .

That’s true but monsters will, then what’s stopping minions from attacking? Its good to minimize the damage then focus the monster IMO . Minions do more damage to the generators than you, you shouldn’t just leave them be. That damage adds up and minions respawn at a decent pace.


I always kill the minions as quick as possible too. You can melt them down in seconds, and then focus on monster.


Assault - Always, always torvald. AOE kills the minions incredibly fast. Fast damage overall.

Trapper - Always, always Abe. Stasis on the minions, Torvald kills them (with the rest of the team) before they even get to the Generator(s). Also, high damage on the minions and monster. When/if minions are on the generator, just stand there and get free headshots (SLOWLY; do not fire too fast with his shotgun).

Support - Bucket. Turrets around the generator. High damage to the monster.

Medic - Lazarus. High damage, high pressure. Also gets free headshots on minions that are attacking the generator.

-Always dome when the monster has low armor or looks like he is about to run.
-When defending the Power Source, stand closer to the gate and try to dome the Generator outside!
-Assault should prioritize minions, at least until Bucket’s turrets or your team can finish them off.
-Don’t chase the monster, but try your best not to let him feed.
-It’s Defend, you’re not invincible. In Defend mode, payers lose sight of being in the game still. Position wisely, dodge like you would in Hunt, and be active.
-Damage is the highest priority in Defend. Damage the monster as much as you can even if you’re the last one standing!


#1 Don’t go near the minions, you will be in the line of fire
#2 Destroy the turrets ASAP!!! No matter what
#3 Just Run and get full armor.
#4 By the time you have full armor, the next wave of minions will have spawned. You go with them, don’t go first, don’t go after. You need to DEFEND the minions now. Make sure they don’t die. If they have mines in there path, destroy it. Unleash Hell on generator. If you get domed outside of generator, teach the trapper a lesson :slightly_smiling:


I can’t stand when the Trapper doesn’t dome in Defend, it’s the best way to secure damage on the Monster. As a Monster if they don’t dome me, it’s way to easy to get in, do heavy damage, and get out to re armor before they even nick my health.


As Hunter:
Forget defense entirely. No sane Monster is gonna go after the Hunters first, it’s pointless. Go with straight damage and melt the minions, attacking the Monster as necessary. Priority should be keeping the generators alive.

As Monster:
Go after the turrets first THEN down the Hunters, never kill them because respawn is fast and I don’t think they come back with strikes, so anything will help you later in the match. When you get to the ship’s power supply, it’s best to kill the turrets and use DoT attacks on the power supply while also defending your minions.

Mostly it is pretty straightforward, but lots of people (both Monsters and Hunters) don’t get that the Hunters aren’t the primary target in Defend. Gorgon and Bob do extremely well in this mode with Acid Spit, Web Snare, Lava Bomb, and Rock Wall.

  1. Kill turrets
  2. Down but don’t kill hunters, you want them to have strikes and then die
  3. Win


I have a very in depth guide on how to play Defend more effectively as monsters that I intend to upload on steam, but can’t upload or finish it until my computer is fixed.