What are good perks for Bucket on each gamemode?


What perks gives the most to a certain mode or playstyle and on other unconventional team comps and why so?


Basically selfish perks.

Damage Increase (cuz he’s a second Assault)

Jet Pack Recharge

Health Regen

And whatnot. Granted all perks are selfish but you don’t need to focus Reload or Capacity for Shields/Barrages or Amps or Armor Drains.

Dem Turrets need as much PewPew as they can get so if I have a reliable Medic I go Damage Increase otherwise Health Regen.


Yeah, I frequently choose damage increase. It seems to me to be the best on Defend and Nest without a doubt. For all other modes Damage is always a strong pick, but Health Regen or DR depending on your medic could be considered, as could movement perks.


Damage in defend and nest, jump-height or health-reg. in arena and hunt. You have to survive!


But the medic always get pounded and ignore me most the time. :frowning:


Always go for health regen…support is often the last survivor since he can cloak
In defend maybe dmg increase…


Health-reg. is your Medic, jump-height your personal shield.


Quick switch.

Seriously give it a try. Against any half competent/aggressive monster that is half engaging- Youll be needing to swap between the GML and your sentries to replace them, often. It takes 1.5 seconds to swap each time- So in effect, you save 1.5 seconds every time you swap from the gml to the sentries, throw them out, and then back (Normally would take 3 seconds total just in “do nothing and twiddle your thumbs as you swap” time). Do this even 10 times in a dome, and thats 15 seconds more time in your pocket to be doing what you want, when you want, faster. (Fun fact: Cycling gml-sentry-gml 10 times in a dome without QA means youll have spent half of the domes duration twiddling your thumbs during swap animations. seriously- It doesnt sound like much, but this shit adds up. a lot)


Yeah i pick damage with Bucket but how much more damage do the turrets do with damage perk on does anyone know…?


Yeah i sometimes choose HR with supports but if you have a good medic it’s not really needed


I think the bigger question is does RP affect the arm the time of the turrets?

I’m having such a hard time with bucket even in Sudden Death right now,


I really hope TU9 gives Bucket some turrets back or more damage/health


4 second activation time with or without reload to my knowledge.

This is one thing actually ive always felt could/should be buffed on bucket that i think might go a LONG way to helping how he feels. Id love to cut that arm time in half and see how he feels with no other changes.


Damage maybe, health I don’t think that that is something viable to add.

Right now I just want them to be more accurate, with a small amount of more damage and way better arm time. The time it takes to set them up and for them to arm up is too damn long and makes it hard to capitalize on punishing the monster at times,


Yeah I think we’re all in agreement that the arm time needs to be looked into, I’m thinking that maybe if they were to actually be able to do damage before they’re destroyed would be a nice change. Especially against Kraken as well as the Mileys who are great at destroying them.


Yeah I’m thinking more and more that more damage might not be something that Bucket needs, what with defensive supports getting their damage nerfed in the next patch. Ease of use and effectiveness is what I want to see more from Bucket.


Imagine if cabots damage amp or kalas armor by pass needed to be locked on the moment for a few seconds BEFORE they worked.

I think its a huge flaw in the overall “design” of how bucket should work- IMO. ESPECIALLY now that his potential sentry damage was cut in effectively half with no other appreciable damage-potential compensation from the 5 to 3 deployable limit change.