What are good and bad situations to commit on killing a downed hunter and bailing?


Of course if the downed hunter is a Laz it’s best to commit and kill the little guy but what about other hunters and comps? and what situations are best if you just bailed(like stage one fights)


In every situation it’s best to commit and kill the hunter if you have the opportunity, especially if it’s the assault or the medic.


Commit to all medics and assaults. If Hank is on the team and the medic isn’t the one you’re committing to don’t commit. Hank will probably Orbital you and shield the downed hunter making an easy revive for the medic. I’d also commit to Hank depending on the Assault.


But what if Caira and Sunny are still up stomping my ability to kill either two? Should I push Caira away or go in between Caira heals and Sunny shields?

I find this is a really hard pair for me to commit to any one else other than them being downed. Even harder to deal with than Laz Torvald.


What if the assault is Hyde? in open versus closed area.


I’ll always commit to finishing them off if I have a rock throw ready and armor.


If hunters are generally stopping your ability to kill someone then you need to stop committing, but the general situation is that if you have the opportunity to kill a downed hunter then take it. Don’t do it blindly though, because doing anything blindly in this game just allows for the other team to predict what you’re doing.


It’s circumstantial, it depends on armor as well as your Monster.


Mostly Goliath, I’m really into him but having trouble with committing to anything with him.

My stage two comp: 3 rocks, 1 leap smash, 2 fire breath.


Play the range game with the body. Open with the rock throw, leap on the body, move away while fire breathing. Do your fair share of damage of hunters as well though so that if the medic is alive they have to split their healing depending on the medic and if the medic is the one down you can get permanent damage (unless they have health regeneration)


You have to play the semi waiting game with the pair. I learnt this the hard way…Now I can deal with them proficiently to say the least.

Either 2 ability burst down him (Leap Smash, Rock Throw)


Scare him into going invis (unless your Goliath or Behemoth, your burn damage will let you still trail after), then wait for the invis to run out, once this happens your on the clock to finish the job you’ve started. Don’t expect it to be easy because the medic and assault will going full swing on your tail. But for a strike on an experienced Hank, it’s well worth it.


For me I almost never hard focus a Hunter while they are incapped unless either

  1. I’m going for the win
  2. They are giving me trouble
  3. Torvald

Remember it’s a war of attrition. If I down a Hunter I like to see how the team reacts. Are they going for the manual revive? Is the medic healing them from afar? Is Daisy in play? If the medic wants to try a long distance revive, I usually focus someone else to either force the medic to switch to the Hunter I’m hard-focusing or risk trading one incapped Hunter for another.

I usually can’t justify taking heavy damage just to kill one Hunter. Stack up enough Strikes and when it’s time to go for the kill just a couple hard hitting moves take out a whole team of 1 or 2 Strike Hunters. You are also less likely to have one escape this way. Whenever I play Hunter, I book it when the monster hard focuses the 2nd Hunter they incapped. While they are struggling to get the kill, I’m long gone :wink:


Switch that up, 3 Rock, 2 Leap, 1 fire.

Fire is for revealing cloakers to me or doing residual ending damage after landing leap smash to a rock throw (unless the medic is on top of things, that usually downs them, or using a normal melee or heavy then using the latter strat)


I only ever commit on laz or if I feel I can do it without paying a price for it. Already got my boon from slappin and it can even be benefitial to instead get double strikes on a support or medic in one dome.


If it’s Assault, kill him. Obliterate his corpse and spread the dust. Because when he’s down, the rest of the team has very little firepower, unless they have Bucket, but his turrets are easy to destroy/evade and take ages to set up.And when he dies, you have two minutes of being able to play with the Hunters because they’ll have no power over you. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s Trapper? At Stage One, only if you’re very confident. At Stage Two, go for it if you have a fair amount of armor. At stage three, nah. He’s not worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Medic? Depends. If it’s Laz, yes- kill him and use the time to get easy strikes. If it’s Val or Caira, or Slim, no- I like to allow their team to revive them so I can go back in immediately for a second strike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Support? Don’t bother if it’s Bucket. If it’s a Cabot, bodycamp only if you’re on low armor/health. Hank or Sunny? Kill them. :stuck_out_tongue:


If I down the Trapper or Support I prefer letting them get back up so I can get an additional strike in.
But if it’s the Assault or Medic the game is pretty much won so there is no reason to not finishing them off.