What are everyone's thoughts on Parnell on Stage 2?


Would really like to know if he’s still awesome or if he got even better.

  • He’s worse
  • He’s slightly down a notch
  • He’s down but feels just as good
  • He’s the same
  • He got better

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He feels weaker then he used to be but still in a good stance the reload from super soldiers feels alot slower then what it was


I’m pretty new to Parnell. During Evolve Stage 1, I played as Hyde a lot. When I came back for Stage 2 I tried playing Hyde but, he was kinda boring. I started using Parnell and I’m liking him a lot so far. His tickets take a bit of getting use to but, nothing is better than unloading on the monster while they are running away FTW.

He is a lot more about speed. I’m trying to figure out if I should invest more in reload times or weapon switching.


Limb damage is gone, so his shotgun now does a lot more consistent damage at all ranges, the slight damage nerf means no more ridiculous headshots if the monster stands still, but overall he feels better.


He definitely doesn’t reload as fast with Super Soldier in Stage 2, but removal of limb damage and passive HP regen kinda make up for it. He honestly doesn’t need any buffs and nerfs.


Do we have a real stats comparison from his launch in Stage 1 and his Stage 2 form?

I used to play Parnell a lot and overall I feel like his damage has gone down. I also thought that the damage on your weaps go up when you Super Soldier but now I feel like it’s the same making Super Soldier more of a speed / fire rate buff than anything?

I don’t know, I could be wrong, I’m just unsure since of course at Stage 1, we didn’t have floating damage values to immediately compare and probably had to refer to some obscure developer reference document to see the numbers. :slight_smile:


He doesn’t reload super fast while Super Soldier is active which sucks. That’s where you’re seeing your overall damage loss is going. You pretty much have to run reload speed perk if you want to reduce the downtime between reloads during SS.